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Make Your Winter Warm With These 10 Best Hoodie Brands in India 2024

best hoodie brands in India

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Last Update : Feb 02, 2024

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In India, hoodies are a significant fashion trend. Their vast selection of style options is another thing that makes them outstanding. Hoodies are a stylish and useful way to stay warm throughout the winter months. Hoodies are the ideal attire for any casual setting due to their groovy appearance. The best hoodie brands in India can provide you with the perfect outfit during this time of the year.

A pair of denim, sneakers, or jogger pants is a great combination if you're thinking of trying hoodies for the first time. With this, you may create a fully casual vibe for a lounge or pub. As far as winter dressing goes, hoodies are our top choice due to their comfort and convenience.

By providing this essential garment in a range of hues, fashions, and textures, top hoodie brands are increasing their fashion appeal. You will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by their endless variety. Check out the list below of the top hoodie brands in India for both men and women.

Top 10 Hoodie Brand In India

Before purchasing a hoodie, there are numerous factors to consider, including the best fit, colour, type, price, and brand. Let's take a look at these Indian hoodie brands 2024.

1. H&M

h&m hoodie

H&M has more than 3,000 stores in 62 countries, and customers are prepared to stand in line to get the newest trends at reasonable prices. The H&M Relaxed Fit Hoodie has long sleeves, a kangaroo pocket, a drawstring hood, and jersey lining. For all tastes and seasons, H&M's hoodie collection offers the newest looks and design ideas. Hoodies from H&M come in a variety of designs, including plain, simple, printed, and patterned ones. For a light, elegant feel, they are manufactured with top-quality materials. H&M's fashionable hoodies are adorned with distinctive details like faux fur, real leather trims, and embroidered patterns.

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2. The Souled Store

the souled store hoodie

Modern prints are available on hoodies from The Souled Store in a range of designs. For both men and women, the Souled Store offers funny, artistically printed hoodies. Customers can choose from a wide selection of hoodies that are inspired by numerous superheroes, such as Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Batman. The Souled Store also offers a variety of popular television shows, films, cartoons, comic book characters, sports figures, Bollywood themes, a celebrity collection, and more style hoodies. Anywhere in India can place an order through the store's website, and using The Souled Store discounts can help you save money.

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3. Allen Solly

allen solly hoodie

Regardless of the circumstance, Allen Solly simplifies it to seem classy and elegant. Allen Solly offers present day clothing with a sprinkle of style. Cotton hoodie from Allen Solly with a round neck and a solid design. These hoodies are renowned for their incredible softness and fit. You can keep your hands warm during chilly weather with the help of the two side pockets on this stylish sweatshirt. These stylish hoodies, which are available in many colours and sizes, are essential winter attire. Consider adding it to your wardrobe and pairing it with denim for a smart-casual look. The fact that they look beautiful in any weather is an added benefit.

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4. Red Tape

red tape hoodie

With an emphasis on distinctive design, timeless elegance, and unwavering quality, Red Tape consistently produces iconic basics. Full sleeves, a crew neck, and a regular fit are features of men's hoodies by Red Tape.  The brand offers premium items for both men and women who lead active lifestyles using only the finest fabrics. To show off your idealised style, put on this high-quality sweatshirt from the Red Tape collection. Additionally, they have taped seams for extra comfort. These sweatshirts are designed to keep the wearer warm, and they do so while utilising materials that don't add excessive bulk.

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5. Fort Collins

fort collins hoodie

Fort Collins is a fantastic fashion company that sells real, high-quality goods at competitive prices. Fort Collins has a different impact on the mind when it comes to warmth, style, and comfort. Fort Collins offers a large selection of branded hoodies for men and women in solid colours and abstract patterns in wool and cotton blend fabrics. People are attracted to it by its relaxed atmosphere and alluring colours. This brand's hoodies provide the wearer a casually stylish attitude that easily amplifies their sense of style.

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6. Adidas

adidas hoodie

Adidas was founded with the primary goal of creating shoe designs, but it gradually expanded its selection to include shoes, clothes, and accessories that represent a sporty aesthetic. Whether you're chilling at a friend's house or going for a run, Adidas stands out from other hoodie brands in India. Adidas hoodies are just unmatched in terms of style for both men and women. In addition to being readily available, they are also exceptionally well manufactured. Both men and women can choose from a variety of zipper hoodies in solid colours to improve their fashion game.

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7. Puma

puma hoodie

Another incredibly well-known international fashion brand, Puma, is active in the Indian market. Puma's goods are the ideal combination of modern style and more effective design. The full collection of hoodies sold under this brand is a really useful and cosy option for customers. The hooded sweatshirts made by Puma are particularly well-liked and ideal for leisure pursuits. Hoodies come in a variety of styles that work nicely with jeans, including colour-blocked, reversible (double-shaded), solid-coloured, and many others.

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8. UCB

ucb hoodie

Another of the greatest sweatshirt companies in India, United Colors of Benetton, gives men's hoodies a colourful makeover by adding a rainbow brand symbol. For being fashionable and stylish, UCB is renowned for its wide selection of hoodies in striking patterns and hues. The hip, modern graphic hoodies are available for women. The brand is the best in terms of comfort, fit, quality, and appearance. The United Colors of Benetton hoodie collection will impress you with its stylish sense of dressing.

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9. Vero Moda

vero moda hoodie

Vero Moda, one of the greatest hoodie brands in India, offers cotton hoodies with animal prints, graphic hoodies, or plain hoodies. They have a great assortment of hoodies with interesting patterns. To embrace street style attitude, combine these branded hoodies for women with a pair of tattered, blue jeans. The wide selection of hoodies offered by the brand is created after considering various fashion trends, hues, and fabrics. To stay genuine and unique, update your wardrobe with the Vero Moda hoodies.

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10. Forever 21

forever 21 hoodie

Forever 21 is a fashion company that chooses current trends and selects goods with a focus on youthful culture. One of the top brands for women's hoodies is Forever 21, which is listed as the fifth-largest niche store in the United States. This brand showcases unusual design concepts in an effort to maintain casual clothing fashionable and current. They are generally regarded for being the most comfortable and warm hoodies available. The collections from Forever 21 might change the way you see yourself. Forever 21 has hoodies for every mood, from understated large ones to seductive cropped versions.

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As one of the most popular styles for a casual look, hoodies have been a favourite among millennials for quite some time. This versatile and comfortable outfit is popular due to its athletic vibe. As a result of their comfort, ever-increasing designs, and styles, they are becoming more popular among people. Don't settle for anything less than these top 10 hoodie brands in India that we've mentioned and get your hands on the ones you'll love. Happy shopping!

Published on Oct 09, 2023


Many companies, such as Allen Solly, H&M, The Souled Store, and others, offer the most stylish and most comfortable hoodies.

Cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two are the best materials for hoodies.

For the finest fashionable look, wear your hoodie with jeans, joggers or other fitted athletic trousers.

To make your hoodie more professional, wear it with formal trousers.

Many companies sell hoodies for less than Rs 1000, including H&M, Allen Solly, and the Souled retailer.

Women's hoodies are available at reasonable costs from brands like Adidas, Forever 21, Puma, and many others.