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These Are The 10 Best Pickle Brands In India 2024 That You Must Try

best pickle brands in india

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Last Update : Apr 16, 2024

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Even the slightest hint of pickle can suddenly improve boring meals! The majority of Indian pickles are created by combining many spices with oil to create their sour, spicy, and aromatic flavours. Indian cuisine will be incomplete without pickles. Everything can be spiced up with a dollop of khatta meetha mango pickle, whether you're eating simple daal chawal, aloo paratha, or chole bhature. Moreover, you don't have to worry about the time running out since it can be stored for months at a time.

In many Indian households, making pickles once a year is a tradition that is avidly awaited by all. The best pickle brands in India are listed below for you to check out if you haven't been able to produce your own pickles this year. Pickles have changed throughout time, going from my grandmother's canned jar pickles to the top pickle brands currently manufactured in India. We assure you that the pickles sold under these labels are appetising.

Top Pickle Brands in India 2024

The following are some of the best pickle brands in India, along with the different types of pickles they produce.

  • Mother's Recipe
  • Nilon’s Pickles
  • Priya Pickle
  • Dabur
  • Nature Land
  • Aamra
  • Patanjali Pickles
  • Tops Gold
  • Pachranga Pickles
  • Sun Grow

1. Mother's Recipe

mothers recipe pickle

Mother's Recipe is one of the best pickle brands in India. With its corporate headquarters in Pune, Mother's Recipe is a company that manufactures processed meals. Mango, mixed, lime chilli, garlic, ginger, green chilli, pleasant lime, Kerala mango, Andhra tomato, Punjabi taste, and other flavours are available at affordable costs.

With high manufacturing standards and natural ingredients, they provide delectable flavours. They also sell a variety of other products, including beverages, sauces, ready-to-eat foods, pickles, cooking paste, papad, instant mixes, chutney, and more. The pickles from this company that are made with organic ingredients are rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamin K. Made with a variety of vegetables, edible oils, etc, this Pickle brand product is fully vegetarian. Mother's Recipe pickles are also available on BlinkIt, Flipkart, and many other websites.

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2. Nilon’s Pickles

nilons pickles

Nilon's was established in 1962 and is one of the top manufacturers of processed foods in India. Pickles under the Nilon's brand are also offered in Rajasthani, Standard, Classic, and Khana Khazana varieties. Tango flavour is present, especially when lemon and other Indian spices are added. You may purchase all of the pickles from this shop at a reasonable price.

It is among the best pickle brands in India. Nilon's has gained popularity for its wide range of other premium products, including cooking pastes, Chinese range, ready-to-cook meals, instant soups, pastas, juices, instant mixes, jam, ketchup and sauces, tooty fruity, pickles, soya badi, sewaiyan, spices, chutney, and other items. Furthermore, Nilon's products aid digestion as they are rich in probiotics, Vitamins B12 and K, and do not contain artificial colours and flavours.

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3. Priya Pickle

priya pickles

Priya Pickle is a well-known Ramoji Group brand that offers pickles with a classic taste for your house. A good example of decent, home-style food with minimally processed ingredients is their brand, which gives you the impression that you are eating from the hands of your grandmother. Priya Pickle is undoubtedly among the best pickle brands in India. Priya Pickles offers a selection of pickles both with and without garlic, which provides them a genuine flavour.

They are all created with high-quality oil, are vegetarian and free of allergens, and are enticing due to the use of traditional Indian flavour and spices. In addition to pickles, you may purchase chutneys, culinary pastas, papad, masala, ready-to-eat meals, spices, non-vegetarian masala, and a variety of other goods. Priya Pickle is a delicious pickle that will spice up your meals if you're seeking something different. Several shops, including BigBasket, Jiomart, and many others, also sell Priya pickles.

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4. Dabur

dabur pickles

In the Indian market for consumer goods, Dabur is a well-known brand. Dabur is the absolute best when it comes to pickles. They have been producing pickles for many years, and every Indian home relies on their goods. However, the brand gradually expanded into a variety of products, including pickles, honey, Chyawanprash, toothpaste, body care, hair care, juices, and skin care, which altogether ruled the market. Currently, it is regarded as one of the best pickle brands in India. Three different pickle flavours—lime, mango, and green chilli—are available from Dabur Homemade, which will spice up your meals.

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5. Nature Land

nature land pickles

Organic food company Nature Land was established in 2002. The company manufactures pickles, dry fruits, oils, juices, seeds, breakfast items, pulses, grains, flours, and essentially the majority of India's staple foods. While the pickles are adored for their delicious flavour, they are also well known for being all-natural, created with fresh ingredients, and produced organically. Our exciting list of the best pickle brands in India welcomes this excellent brand with open arms.

You may enjoy the health advantages of these pickles without running the danger of being exposed to harmful pollutants thanks to Nature Land Organic pickles, which are created from organically farmed mango, lemon, chilli, and garlic. Furthermore, organic pickles are incredibly delicious, with a fresh, crisp flavour that is great on their own or combined with other dishes. Additionally, you may get Nature Land organic pickles for a lower cost by using Flipkart discounts.

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6. Aamra

aamra pickles

Aamra was established in 2017 with the intention of giving people access to traditional pickles and pure, hand-ground spices. The specialties of this brand include the mango and hing pickle. Aamra offers a huge variety of all-natural, traditionally produced pickles, from mango pickles to mixed pickles. Handmade and organic, the Aamra pickle is produced with premium sun-dried mangoes and mustard oil. These are expertly stored and taste sour and hot. It complements all snacks and meals well and goes especially well with parathas and rice. So don't hesitate any longer and buy from the Best Pickle Brands in India.

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7. Patanjali Pickles

patanjali pickles

India's top website for the best ayurvedic goods is Patanjali. This type of pickle should be your go-to choice among the large variety of delicious and healthful snacks offered by this company. These pickles, which are made with a variety of spices, will surely tempt your palate. To prepare Patanjali's mango pickle, premium fresh mangoes are combined with tasty oil and the ideal ratios of carefully picked spices. In addition to these items, Patanjali also sells medicines, personal care items, pickles, sauces, and spices. You may enhance the flavour and texture of your favourite foods with Patanjali Pickles. As a result, it is one of the best pickle brands in India. The Patanjali items are also available for purchase on a variety of websites, including Amazon, Swiggy, Instamart, and others.

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8. Tops Gold

tops gold pickle

It's not surprising that Tops is one of the most well-known brands in India. Their pickles are produced with traditional techniques, giving each jar a distinct flavour and taste. Their mixed pickles are quite inexpensive and well-liked. This brand offers amazing jams, pickles, cake mixes, instant meals, cereals, ketchup, and custard mix products. This brand is well known in 25 other nations around the world in addition to being beloved in India. One of oldest and best pickle brands in India is Tops, which offers a variety of pickles such as mixed chilli, red chilli, mango, mango chutney, garlic, sweet lime, etc. The best thing is that they are available in several sizes, ranging from small to large, allowing you to choose exactly the perfect quantity for your kitchen requirements.

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9. Pachranga Pickles

pachranga pickles

The company Pachranga is one of the oldest and best pickle brands in India. Authentic pickles were first made available to Indian consumers by a Haryana-based enterprise in 1925. Pachranga is now a reputable name linked with unrivalled quality and homemade flavour of pure, savoury, and delightful Pickles. Other Pachranga products include Murabbas, Chutneys, Canned Ready to Eat Food, Gulkand, Tomato Ketchup, vinegar, herbal ras, Chinese & Thai Flavour Sauces. Various herbs and organic components are combined with edible oil to make Pachranga pickle. Its pickles are renowned across the country for their exceptional flavour and way of making you forget about everything else for the entire meal.

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10. Sun Grow

sun grow pickles

Prepare to enjoy the spice and heat of their mouthwatering pickles. Everyone who tastes the genuine homemade pickles and murabbas that Sun Grow produces adores them. Each product has a homely flavour and superior quality, which sets it apart from similarly priced mass-produced goods. To enhance the flavour and appeal of their pickles, they add rare red chilies from Benares. This company is well known for providing pickles that are healthful, organic, and come in attractive packaging. The only preservatives used in this pickle are natural ones. Among the pickles offered by Sun Grow are Punjabi mango pickle, Kashmiri chilli, Marwari Rajasthani green chilli, and Punjabi garlic pickle, among others. Utilise Amazon coupons to reduce the cost of your pickle purchases.

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Since ancient times, pickles have been a staple of Indian cuisine and are well-known throughout the nation. They give recipes the extra zip they need and spice them up with unusual flavours. A pickle is often served as a side dish to enhance the flavour of dishes like rice or rotis. To learn more about the best pickle brands in India and the variety of pickles they offer, read this blog article once more. You won't regret purchasing pickles from them.

Published on May 10, 2023


The top pickle brands in India that provide a variety of pickles with mouthwatering flavour include Tops Gold, Dabur, and Pachranga.

The most popular flavours available for purchase online to pair with meals are Mango, Ginger, Lemon, Garlic, Tomato, Red Chilli, Chicken, and Mutton.

Some of the non-vegetarian seafood pickles that are currently offered are crab, fish, and prawn pickles.

The three best mango pickles on the market are Tops Gold, Mother's Recipe, and Pachranga's Shahi.

The states known for pickles are Rajasthan, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala.