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About Eka Care

Eka Care, your digital health companion, puts your well-being in your hands. The user-friendly and secure Personal Health Record (PHR) app Eka Care aims to make managing medical records easier. Users can seamlessly organize appointments, medications, and vital health data with ease. In order to protect user data privacy and security, the app has strong security features, such as encryption. Additionally, Eka Care enables users to share their health information with medical professionals, facilitating improved communication and well-informed decision-making. Hence, take charge of your health journey with Eka Care, where your health is your priority.

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Gold Pass Offer

Get Gold Pass @ Rs.417/ Month

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iconGet Flat 70% Off On Labs Tests
iconExtra 25% Off On Medicines
iconGet 30% Off On Doctor Consultation
iconGet More Benefits With This Plan
iconOffer Valid For All Users
iconGet 2 Free Full- Body Checkup Worth Rs.4,800

Silver Pass Deal

Get Silver Pass @ Rs.99/ Month

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iconGet Flat 65% Off On Labs Tests
iconExtra 15% Off On Medicines
iconGet 1 Free Full-Body Checkup Worth Rs.2,400
iconGet More Benefits With This Plan
iconOffer Valid For All Users

Full Body Checkup Offer

Get Flat 50% Off On Full Body Checkup

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iconOffer Valid On Full Body Checkup
iconNo Coupon Code Required
iconNo Minimum Order Value Required
iconPrice Starts From Rs.478
iconOffer Valid For All Users

Free Consultation Deal

Get Free Consultation With Diabetologist

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iconGet Free Consultation With Diabetologist
iconOffer Valid For All Users
iconNo Minimum Order Value Required
iconNo Coupon Code Required

Account Open Offer

Open Your Health Account At Eka Care

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iconCreate/Link Your ABHA
iconStore Your Medical Records
iconBuild Your Health Profile
iconOffer Valid For All Users
iconGet More Benefits With The Account

Elevate Your Health & Savings with Eka Care Offers

Unlock the door to affordable healthcare with Eka Care's irresistible offers! From discounted consultations to cashback deals, Eka Care is your partner in saving on healthcare expenses. Customers can receive discounts of upto 50% on health checkups and other services. Additionally, users can use Eka Care coupon codes to avail savings on consultations, treatments, and medications. Furthermore, the brand allows customers to earn cashback and other enticing offers by making payments through significant bank cards and wallets.

Eka Care also offers discounts on significant passes such as Golden Pass, Silver Pass, and many more to access quality healthcare services at more affordable prices, making healthcare more accessible and cost-effective for all. Not only this, but customers can now avail the latest and validated Eka Care offers and codes in a hassle-free manner on Cashaly. So, stay healthy without breaking the bank – grab Eka Care offers today and prioritize your well-being!

How to use Eka Care Coupon Code Via Cashaly?

Empower your health journey seamlessly using Eka Care's comprehensive products and services at affordable rates and discounts. Users can streamline healthcare and saving with peace of mind using Eka Care discount codes and offers through Cashaly. In order to learn the effective use of the coupons, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Cashaly and sign up for an account.
  2. Search for the Eka Care store among the other listed retailers.
  3. Explore through all the Eka Care promo codes and pick the ideal one.
  4. Click "Get Code" to copy the code.
  5. Once you've copied the code, select "Visit Retailer."
  6. Your browser will launch the Eka Care website.
  7. From appointments to prescriptions, choose the required service and head to checkout.
  8. Paste the copied Eka Care coupon code in the "Apply Coupon" section.
  9. Embrace smart savings and smarter healthcare management!

Simplify Your Healthcare Journey Using Eka Care Products!

Stay on top of your health effortlessly with Eka Care's signature products. Whether you're a general practitioner, a specialist, or a neurologist, Eka Care has a solution to meet your needs and help you succeed in today's healthcare landscape. Here's a short description of the available products:

Eka EMR: The innovative electronic medical records (EMR) software Eka EMR evolved to make medical professionals' patient information management processes easier and more productive. Doctors may securely access patient information, make real-time edits, and work smoothly with healthcare teams due to the Eka EMR's user-friendly interface and extensive feature set. Say goodbye to cumbersome paper records and embrace the efficiency of Eka EMR.

GMB for Doctors: GMB for Doctors is a potent tool that helps medical professionals improve online visibility and establish more fruitful patient connections. Doctors may exhibit their practice, provide correct information, including contact details and opening hours, and interact with patients by posting reviews and ratings using Google My Business (GMB) integration.

EMR for Neurologists: An electronic medical records (EMR) program specifically designed to satisfy the demands of neurology practices is called EMR for Neurologists. Neurologists can easily handle complex patient situations, monitor therapy progress, and evaluate neurological data due to this cutting-edge software. From comprehensive patient profiles to customizable templates for neurological exams, EMR for Neurologists is the ultimate solution for enhancing efficiency and improving patient care in neurology practices.

Overall, Eka Care products are not just software; they are innovations that empower doctors to provide better care, enhance their professional reputation, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Join the revolution in healthcare with Eka Care.

Join Eka Care in the ABDM Journey - Digital Healthcare for All!

Eka Care's Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a pioneering healthcare initiative that aims to provide financial protection to vulnerable families in India. This scheme, also known as the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY), seeks to address the healthcare needs of over 50 crore beneficiaries, making it the world's largest government-funded healthcare program. The digital platform of Eka Care's Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a crucial element that functions as the foundation of the program's operations. Beneficiaries may easily and affordably get hospital stays, operations, and treatments because of this platform, which removes financial barriers.

Moreover, Eka Care's Ayushman Bharat Yojana incorporates innovative technologies such as telemedicine and digital health records to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. This includes the provision of teleconsultation services, which enable beneficiaries to consult with healthcare providers remotely, reducing the need for travel and enhancing access to care, especially in remote areas. Overall, Eka Care's Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a groundbreaking initiative transforming the healthcare landscape in India.

Elevate Vaccination Management: Cowin Vaccinator by Eka Care

The Cowin Vaccinator App by Eka Care is a groundbreaking tool designed to streamline the COVID-19 vaccination process in India. This app is specifically developed for healthcare providers involved in administering COVID-19 vaccines, offering a range of features to simplify and enhance the vaccination experience. One of the key features of the Cowin Vaccinator App is its ability to facilitate seamless scheduling of vaccination appointments. Additionally, the app provides real-time updates on vaccine availability and stock levels, helping healthcare providers effectively manage their vaccine inventory. This feature is crucial in ensuring that vaccines are distributed equitably and efficiently across the country.

The app also includes a robust reporting system, allowing healthcare providers to track vaccination rates and monitor the impact of their vaccination efforts. Moreover, the Cowin Vaccinator App incorporates advanced security features to protect patient data and ensure confidentiality. This includes encryption of data and secure login protocols to prevent unauthorized access. Overall, the Cowin Vaccinator App is a powerful tool revolutionizing the COVID-19 vaccination process in India, helping healthcare providers deliver vaccines more effectively and efficiently to the population.

Embrace Savings & Healthcare Using These Effective Tricks!

Are you looking to save money while prioritizing your healthcare and monitoring the records? If yes, Eka Care has got you covered. However, people think using Eka Care products and services might not suit their budget. But if you are a customer looking to save money, here are some of the practical strategies to implement at Eka Care:

Utilize preventive care services: Take advantage of Eka Care's preventive care services, such as health check-ups and screenings, to detect and prevent potential health issues early on. This can help you avoid costly treatments in the future.

Stay informed about discounts and offers: Keep an eye out for discounts, offers, and cashback deals on Eka Care's services. This can help you save money on consultations, treatments, and medications.

Compare prices: Before undergoing non-urgent procedures or treatments, consider comparing prices from different healthcare providers. This can help you find more affordable options without compromising on quality.

Review your health insurance coverage: If you have health insurance, review your coverage periodically to ensure you're getting the best value for your money. Consider switching to a more cost-effective plan if necessary.

Use telemedicine services: Take advantage of Eka Care's telemedicine services for non-emergency consultations. This can save you time and money compared to in-person visits to healthcare facilities.

Plan your healthcare expenses: Budgeting for healthcare expenses can help you manage costs more effectively. Consider setting aside a specific amount each month for healthcare-related costs or emergencies.

Seek financial assistance if needed: If you're facing financial hardship, inquire about financial assistance programs or payment plans offered by Eka Care. This can help alleviate the financial burden of healthcare expenses.

By implementing these strategies, users can save a tonne of money without compromising healthcare. However, it is advisable to read the terms and conditions of all the discounts and coupons.

If you have any questions or concerns about the services or other issues, contact the Eka Care support team at contact@eka.care. Additionally, users may get support by filling out a form on the "Contact Us" page.


1. Is Eka Care government or private?

Eka Care is a PHR app with the highest possible user data security and privacy level, certified by the Government of India and the ABDM.

2. How does Eka Care work?

Eka Care works by allowing users to input and track their health information manually or by syncing with healthcare providers and wearable devices. Users can access their records anytime, anywhere, and share them with healthcare providers as needed.

3. Is Eka Care safe to use?

Yes, Eka Care takes security and privacy seriously. The app uses encryption and other security measures to protect users' health information from unauthorized access. Additionally, it complies with relevant data protection regulations to ensure the confidentiality of users' data.

4. What information can I store in Eka Care?

You can store a wide range of health information in Eka Care, including medical history, medications, allergies, test results, doctor's contact information, and more.

5. Where can I locate coupons for Eka Care?

On websites like Cashaly, customers can find all the latest and validated Eka Care discount coupons and offers.