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EORTV is a state-of-the-art video streaming app that has swept the entertainment industry by storm. With its user-friendly interface and vast library of content, EORTV has quickly become a go-to platform for viewers seeking high-quality movies, TV shows, documentaries, web series, music, and more. Users of EORTV may smoothly move between their smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs due to the support of various devices. EORTV is a top choice for modern entertainment fans since it offers a wide variety of material for all tastes and interests, whether you're a fan of the newest Hollywood blockbusters or indie treasures.

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Best Pick

Buy 1-Month Subscription just @Rs.195

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icon1-Month subscription just @Rs.679
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icon Watch On Multiple Platform Like: Android TV, Phones, & Tablet

3 Month Plan

Get 3-Month Subscription Plan @Rs.411

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iconStrems Any Time Anywhere
icon Watch On Multiple Platform Like: Android TV, Phones, & Tablet
icon3-Month Subscription Just @Rs.411
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icon Strems Any Time Anywhere
icon Watch On Multiple Platform Like: Android TV, Phones, & Tablet

Best Plan For You

Get Flat 50% OFF On 6 Month Plan

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iconGet 6 Month Subscription Plan @Rs.600
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icon Watch On Multiple Platform Like: Android TV, Phones, & Tablet
iconThere Are No Cancellation Fees
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Unlimited Entertainment

Enjoy 1-Year Subscription Just @Rs.798

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icon Unlimited Shows Streaming On Your Phone, Tablet, Laptop, And TV
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Discover a World of Content

Elevate Your Streaming Experience with Premium Content

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iconNew And Fresh Content EORTV Originals Added On Regular Basis
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iconStrems Any Time Anywhere

Find A New World Of Entertainment & Savings Using EORTV Offers

Whether you're a fan of the latest horror, LGBTQ, Crime and other blockbusters, EORTV offers a diverse selection of content for all tastes and interests, making it a top choice for modern-day entertainment enthusiasts. The platform offers significant discounts and savings of up to 50% on subscription plans to enhance the user experience. Additionally, sometimes, EORTV delivers FREE trials that enable people to make the right choice. All these kinds of offers and coupons are available on Cashaly. All you have to do is create an account and then select the latest and validate coupon or deal from the list to avail the savings.

How to use EORTV Coupon Codes?

By following these instructions, you may rapidly use EORTV coupons:

  1. Make a Cashaly profile.
  2. Search for EORTV among all of the mentioned retailers.
  3. Select the appropriate EORTV discount code based on the length of your subscription.
  4. After copying the EORTV coupon code, click "Visit Retailer".
  5. Launch the EORTV app or website now.
  6. Use your phone number or email to register for the plan you're interested in.
  7. Now, you may select your chosen payment method.
  8. Before completing your purchase, apply the copied code to receive the EORTV discount.

Watch Drama, Romance, & Action At EORTV In These Languages

Dive into a world of suspense and intrigue with a vast collection of web series, shows, music, and more of various categories and in various languages. EORTV allows people to watch the original content in their preferred languages. Some of the languages include:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Bhojpuri
  • Marathi
  • Punjabi
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Bengali
  • Telugu
  • Tamil

Hence, get ready to laugh, cry, and everything in between and elevate your leisure time experience by watching the best and most interesting content at EORTV.

Elevate Your Leisure Time With The Original Content At EORTV

EORTV offers a diverse and engaging array of content that caters to a wide range of tastes and interests. Here's a description of some of the content categories you can find on EORTV:

Web Series: EORTV is the home of an interesting selection of web series that includes both original creations and well-known shows. Every viewer may find a web series they enjoy, from gripping dramas to funny comedies. Web series like Shaheed, We Too Are Equal, Love Bites, and many more frequently explore original and challenging stories, making them ideal for binge-watching.

Genres: There is something for everyone on EORTV due to its wide selection of genres. You may choose from a wide variety of material to suit your interests, whether you enjoy action, romance, LGBTQ, thrillers, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, crime, or historical plays. You won't ever run out of intriguing genres to discover because of EORTV's extensive library.

Music: Music lovers will like the music-related material on EORTV. You may get music-related movies, live recordings, biographies of renowned musicians, and even creative musical programs. From the comfort of your screen, explore the world of music history, learn about the lives of famous performers, or take in a live concert.

Behind The Scenes: EORTV provides exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes world of filmmaking and entertainment. Explore the creative processes, challenges, and dedication that go into producing your favourite shows and movies. Get a glimpse of the actors, directors, and crew members who bring stories to life.

Festivals & Events: EORTV doesn't just stop at on-demand content; it also offers coverage of prestigious film festivals, cultural events, and entertainment showcases from around the globe. Experience the excitement of major film festivals, music festivals, and cultural events from the comfort of your home.

Overall, EORTV's programming offers a wide range of entertainment, education, and cultural enrichment to suit the varied preferences of its viewers. Whether you enjoy riveting dramas, motivational documentaries, or behind-the-scenes looks at the entertainment industry, EORTV has something thrilling in store for you. However, like EORTV, other video-streaming platforms like Aha deliver original and engaging content that enables viewers to discover a new world of possibilities.

EORTV Subscription Plan Prices

The subscription plan prices for EORTV offer a range of options to cater to diverse viewers' needs and preferences. EORTV understands that not all viewers have the same requirements, and as such, they have structured their pricing plans accordingly. Their affordable basic plan provides access to a selection of popular channels and content, making it ideal for budget-conscious individuals. For those seeking a more comprehensive experience, EORTV offers premium and family plans, which include an extensive library of on-demand content, exclusive shows, and the flexibility to stream on multiple devices. EORTV Subscription prices include:

  • For 1 Month: 195
  • For 3 Months: 411
  • For 6 Months: 600
  • For 1 Year: 798

EORTV's commitment to providing a variety of pricing options ensures that everyone can enjoy their favourite shows and movies without breaking the bank. With EORTV's subscription plans, entertainment is accessible to all.

Dive Into The World Of Suspense & Savings Using These Tricks

Here are some money-saving tricks and tips for EORTV customers:

Choose the Right Subscription Plan: EORTV offers multiple subscription plans with varying features and pricing. Select the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Share Costs with Family or Friends: Several EORTV subscriptions provide simultaneous streaming across numerous devices and various profiles. To save money, think about splitting the membership fee with family members or friends.

Take Advantage of Discounts and Offers: Keep an eye out for special promotions, discounts, or bundle deals offered by EORTV, especially during holidays or promotional events. These can provide significant savings on your subscription.

Set Data Usage Preferences: If you have data caps on your internet plan, adjust the streaming quality settings in your EORTV account to lower data usage without compromising too much on video quality.

Cancel and Rejoin Strategically: Consider cancelling your membership during periods of inactivity if you're a seasonal watcher or only watch specific shows at specified times, and then reactivating it once your preferred material is made accessible.

Stay Informed About Price Changes: Be aware of any price changes or updates to EORTV's subscription plans. Sometimes, companies adjust their pricing, and you might need to reevaluate your plan accordingly.

You can make use of your EORTV subscription while minimizing your entertainment costs by using these money-saving advice and strategies. To maximize your savings, keep in mind that finding the correct balance between high-quality entertainment and your spending limit is essential.

EORTV Cancellation & Refund Policy

The cancellation policy for EORTV aims to give users flexibility and transparency. With no long-term commitments required, subscribers have the ability to discontinue their membership whenever they choose. Users have complete control over their membership status because there are no additional costs or penalties for cancelling.

After cancelling their EORTV membership, users will still have access to the service through the end of their current payment cycle. This means that subscribers may access their favourite content without interruption for the duration of the paid-for time. The subscription will not renew at the end of the billing cycle, and the user's access to the substantial EORTV content collection will be terminated.

You can also contact EORTV's Customer Care Team by writing an email at contact@eortv.com.


1. What content does EORTV offer?

EORTV offers a vast library of content, including the latest movies, popular TV series, documentaries, and more in various languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, and many more.

2. Can I download content for offline viewing?

Yes, EORTV allows you to download select content for offline viewing.

3. Which devices are EORTV compatible?

Smart TVs, laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices may all use EORTV. Additionally, you may cast or mirror content to compatible devices.

4. Is my personal information safe with EORTV?

EORTV takes user privacy seriously and employs strict security measures to protect your personal information. The platform does not share your data with third parties without your consent.

5. What payment methods does EORTV accept?

At EORTV, users can make transactions through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and cash cards.

6. Where can I locate coupons for EORTV Subscription Plans?

On platforms like Cashaly, users can locate the latest and validated EORTV Voucher Codes free to enhance the viewing and saving experience.