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About ETV Win

Whether it's gripping dramas, thrilling movies, or entertaining reality shows, ETV Win has something for everyone. It is a popular digital streaming service that has become widely recognized for offering a broad variety of Telugu content to satisfy viewers' entertainment demands. Launched in 1995 to provide a seamless and engaging viewing experience, ETV Win offers a variety of shows, movies, and exclusive original content across different genres. Viewers may watch their favourite shows anytime, anywhere due to the platform's user-friendly layout and accessibility. Additionally, in order to watch endless content, users can purchase ETV Win subscription plans at affordable rates and discounts using ETV coupons from Cashaly.

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Latest ETV Win Subscription Coupon Codes, Plans & Offers - Jul 2024

ETV Win Coupons ETV Win Subscription Plans & Offers
ETV Win Coupon Code Youth Pack at Just Rs 99 Per Month
ETV Win Promo Code FLAT 200 Off on Annual Plan
ETV Win Subscription Offers Get ₹100 Off On Premium Subscription Plan

More Shows, More Thrills, More Savings Using ETV Win Offers

Why settle for ordinary? Elevate your entertainment with ETV Win exclusive content. The platform delivers a wide range of shows, original series, movies, and much more at affordable subscription prices. Users can receive significant discounts on ETV Win subscription plans and other services. Additionally, users can locate all these ETV Win subscription coupons and offers in a hassle-free manner on Cashaly. It is a one-stop destination for all the latest and validated coupons and offers. Not only this, users can earn cashback by making payments through significant bank cards and wallets. Hence, don't just watch, immerse yourself. Grab your subscription and step into a world of endless possibilities with Cashaly.

How to use ETV Win Coupons?

Grab your snacks, find your cosy spot, and let the binge-watching begin with ETV Win at affordable rates and discounts. The platform allows users to improve their savings using ETV Win discount coupons and offers. Follow the steps below to learn how to use these coupons:

  1. Sign up for an account on Cashaly.
  2. Look for the ETV Win store among the other listed retailers.
  3. Examine all the ETV Win subscription offers and coupons.
  4. Select the ideal one and click "Get Code" to copy the code.
  5. After copying the ETV Win discount code, hit "Visit Retailer."
  6. Your browser will launch the ETV Win website or app.
  7. Feast your eyes by selecting the ETV Win subscription plan.
  8. Head to checkout and paste the copied ETV Win promo code to avail the discounts.
  9. Savings in hand worries out the door!

Get Ready for a Binge-worthy Journey with ETV Win!

ETV Win is a dynamic digital entertainment platform that offers a diverse range of engaging and high-quality content to its audience. From gripping dramas to entertaining reality shows, ETV Win has something for everyone. The platform features an impressive lineup of shows that showcase the rich cultural diversity of India, with a mix of traditional and contemporary themes. Viewers can enjoy a seamless streaming experience with a user-friendly interface and access to a vast library of exclusive content. Here's the description of the available content:

TV Shows: Embark on a journey through the world of compelling television dramas, uproarious comedies, gripping reality shows, engaging talk shows, and more. ETV Win's TV show lineup is designed to captivate viewers with a diverse range of genres, ensuring entertainment for all tastes. Some of the famous ETV Win shows include Saduru Sai, Guvva Gorinka, Crime Patrol, Pelli Pusthakam, Srivalli, Padmavathi Kalyanam, Maa Atha Bangaram, Anupallavi, and many more.

Movies: Dive into a cinematic treasure trove with ETV Win's movie collection. With a wide range of genres, including drama, action, romance, and more, as well as regional treasures in languages like Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, and others, the platform provides a wide choice to satisfy its audience's appetite for movies.

Live TV: With the live TV function of ETV Win, feel the excitement of broadcasting in real-time. Make sure you never miss a second of your favourite shows, events, or breaking news by tuning in to your favourite ETV stations. The live TV option offers a smooth transition between the ease of streaming and traditional television.

News: Stay informed with ETV Win's news content, covering a spectrum of topics, including national and international affairs, politics, sports, and entertainment. The platform offers a mix of news bulletins, in-depth analysis, and thought-provoking talk shows, keeping viewers abreast of the latest developments.

Original Series: ETV Win has invested in original series production, offering subscribers exclusive content that can't be found elsewhere. These original series, like Gangothri, Anoohya, Swarna Khadgam, Amma, and many more , cover a range of genres, providing unique and compelling narratives.

Food: For culinary enthusiasts, ETV Win brings a delectable assortment of food-related content. Indulge in cooking shows that showcase diverse cuisines, culinary documentaries that explore the art of gastronomy, and programs featuring renowned chefs, providing a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Health: Make health a priority by watching ETV Win's health content. The platform provides a comprehensive approach to well-being, including mental health insights, dietary advice, and exercise regimens. Viewers are given the resources they need to make educated decisions about their lifestyle and health through educational shows and engaging conversations.

Agriculture: ETV Win embraces its heritage by showcasing agricultural content. Explore programs on agricultural techniques, agribusiness, rural development, and associated topics. For those who are enthusiastic about farming or actively involved in the agricultural community, this category is a great resource.

Users may explore, learn, and be amused across a range of interests due to ETV Win's dedication to delivering a broad and diversified content collection. The platform remains a comprehensive information and entertainment provider for a wide range of users even as it changes. However, like ETV Win, other platforms like Aha and Sun NXT offer a wide range of Telugu content on its platform.

Watch Latest ETV Win Movies & Shows:

  • Sasimadhanam
  • #90's - A Middle Class Biopic
  • Aarambham
  • Family Stars
  • Rush
  • Eagle
  • Ramanna Youth
  • Sirivennela Sitaramasastri Garu
  • Valari

ETV Win Subscription - Your Ticket to a Cinematic Paradise

ETV Win's subscription program provides access to a premium and enhanced entertainment experience. Viewers may enjoy several exclusive features and advantages that enhance their viewing experience by subscribing to ETV Win. With no ads during the viewing experience, subscribers can immerse themselves in their favourite shows and content without interruption. The subscription program often includes early access to the latest episodes, allowing dedicated fans to stay ahead in their viewing experience. Users can choose from three ETV Win Subscription Plans:

Basic Plan: In order to receive endless entertainment, users can purchase ETV Win Basic Plan for a year starting at just Rs. 365. However, this plan is only for mobile users. In other words, users cannot access the shows on pc or any other device.

Premium Plan For a Month: If users wish to buy a monthly plan, ETV Win offers a premium plan starting at just Rs. 99.

Premium Plan For a Year: In order to upgrade to the ultimate streaming experience, users can purchase ETV Win's Premium plan for a year starting at just Rs. 499. This plan will allow users to experience endless entertainment and countless emotions without breaking the bank.

Subscribers could also be able to access a larger library of content, which might include original series and movies that aren't accessible to non-subscribers. In order to enhance their savings, users can also use subscription offers and coupons. Hence, for those looking for a more convenient and immersive streaming experience, ETV Win's membership program offers a tailored and expanded entertainment experience to suit the varied interests of its audience.

Unwind, Relax, & Save at ETV Win Using These Techniques

From drama to laughter, ETV Win's shows are your passport to a rollercoaster of emotions. You can get full access to entertainment in your budget using these effective strategies:

Subscription Plans: Explore ETV Win's various subscription plans. Opting for longer-term plans often comes with reduced monthly costs compared to month-to-month subscriptions.

Free Trials: Before committing to a subscription, take advantage of any free trial periods offered by ETV Win. This allows you to assess the service and its content before making a financial commitment.

Use Coupons & Offers: Search for the latest and validated ETV Win promo codes and offers on the official website or coupon websites like Cashaly. By applying these codes at the checkout, users can save BIG!

Promotional Periods: Look for promotional periods or special events when ETV Win may offer discounted subscription rates. This could be during holidays, anniversaries, or specific cultural events.

Cancel and Re-subscribe: If you've been a subscriber for a while and notice a promotional rate for new subscribers, consider cancelling your subscription and re-subscribing to take advantage of the discounted rate.

Participate in Contests or Giveaways: ETV Win may organize contests or giveaways that offer free subscriptions or discounted rates. Keep an eye on their social media pages or official website for such opportunities.

Compare with Competitors: Compare the pricing and features of ETV Win with other similar services like Disney+ Hotstar. You might find a more cost-effective option that meets your entertainment needs.

By incorporating these money-saving strategies, ETV Win customers can optimize their streaming experience while keeping costs in check.

ETV Win Cancellation & Refund Policy

Apart from endless entertainment, ETV Win prioritizes customer satisfaction through its transparent and hassle-free cancellation policy. Once you have purchased a package from ETV Win, it cannot be cancelled in the middle. However, if you have opted for an auto-renewal plan, you may get help cancelling your membership by contacting their support staff at contact@etvwin.com. ETV Win aims to make your experience easy and cherishes your pleasure. In order to learn more about the policy, visit the ETV Win website.

If you have any queries or concerns about the subscription or other services, contact the ETV Win support team at contact@etvwin.com.


1. Is ETV Win FREE to use?

It is completely free to register at ETV Win. However, as a free user, you have limited access to the platform's content. Hence, it is necessary to purchase ETV Win subscription plans to access all the content without any disturbance.

2. Can I watch ETV win on TV?

PCs, tablets, smartphones, and connected TVs (Fire TV Stick & Android TV) can all stream video for ETV Win users.

3. What payment options are available at ETV Win?

At ETV Win, users can transact through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Internet Banking, UPI, PhonePe, G Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Store Credits.

4. Can I stream ETV Win at the same time on many devices?

Depending on your subscription package and the platform you purchased it via, you can view ETV Win content on a certain number of devices. For example: in India, under the basic plan, users can access the content on one screen only. However, under the Premium Pack, three screens are available. For more information, you can check the website.

5. Where can I find coupons for ETV Win?

On websites like Cashaly, users can locate all the latest and validated ETV Win discount codes, offers, and deals to dive into the land of uninterrupted entertainment without breaking the bank.

6. Can I watch the ETV Win shows offline?

Yes, you can enjoy the endless choices offline by downloading the shows.