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icon Flat 50% Cashaly Cashback

icon Norton Mobile Security (iOS/ Android) Subscription Purchase

icon Flat 50% Cashaly Cashback

icon Norton AntiVirus Subscription Purchase

icon Flat 50% Cashaly Cashback

icon Norton 360 Standard Subscription Purchase

icon Flat Rs.900 Cashaly Cashback

icon Other Products Subscription Purchase

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icon Cashback On Norton App Orders : Applicable
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About Norton

Keep your devices clean and virus-free using the best antivirus from Norton India. It is a well-known brand in the cybersecurity industry and is esteemed for its thorough and reliable digital security solutions. With years of professional expertise, Norton has often produced cutting-edge technologies to protect customers from the constantly changing landscape of online dangers. Norton's selection of antivirus, secure VPN, password manager, internet security, and identity protection services provide a strong shield for devices against malware, viruses, and phishing assaults. Hence, you can purchase a fortress for your digital life, Norton Antivirus, at affordable rates and discounts.

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Protect More, Pay Less

Buy Norton 360 Standard 2 Yrs Subscription @ Rs.1499

See Details See Details Verified Verified
icon1 PC, Mac, Tablet, Or Phone
icon Antivirus, Malware, Ransomware, And Hacking Protection
icon 100% Virus Protection Promise2
icon 10GB Cloud Backup‡‡,4 & Password Manager
icon VPN Private Internet Connection9
iconNo Coupon Code Required
iconOffer Valid For All Users

Smart Protection, Smarter Price

Norton Mobile Security @ Rs.699 For First Yr

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconOffer Valid On Norton Mobile Security
iconNo Coupon Code Required
iconPrice Starts From Rs.699
icon1 Year Of Protection For 1 Mobile Device

Norton 360 Premium Deal Awaits!

Get Norton 360 Premium Antivirus 1 Yrs Subscription @ Rs.4599

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconProtect Your Device By Multiple Layers
iconOffers Protection For Up To 10 PCs, Mac®, Smartphones Or Tablets
iconNo Coupon Code Required
iconOffer Valid For All Users

Play Hard, Stay Protected

Buy Norton 360 For Gamers @ Rs.1,199 For First Yr

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconPowerful Protection. Designed For PC Gamers, By PC Gamers.
iconNorton 360 For Gamers Offers Protection For Up To 3 PCs
iconNo Coupon Code Required
iconOffer Valid For All Users
iconGet 30 Days Free Trial

Norton 360 Deluxe 5 Devices Offer

Get Norton 360 Deluxe Antivirus 2 Yrs Subscription Plan @ Rs.2999 (5 Devices)

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconProtect Your Device By Multiple Layers
icon Offers Protection For Up To 5 PCs, Mac®, Smartphones Or Tablets
icon No Coupon Code Required
icon 100% Virus Protection Promise
icon VPN Private Internet Connection
icon Parental Control & 75GB Cloud Backup

Unleash Your PC's Potential

Get Norton Utilities Ultimate @ Just Rs.1399 First Year

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconFree Up Your Windows PC's Capacity With Superior Cleaning
icon Increase The Speed And Performance Of Your Windows PC
icon Offer Valid For All Users
iconGet Your Windows Computer Running Like New Again
icon No Coupon Code Required To Avail This Offer

Unbreakable VPN: Your Online Shield

Get Norton Secure VPN @ Rs.699 First Year

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconCompromised & Insecure Network Detection
icon No Coupon Code Required To Avail This Offer
icon On-the-go Access & For 1 Devices
iconOffer Valid For All Users
icon Anonymous Browsing And New Kill Switch
icon New Split Tunneling And No-log Policy

Secure Savings with Norton

Get Your Norton Plan For 1 Year @ Just Rs.799

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconNo Minimum Cart Value Required
icon Offer Valid For All User
icon No Coupon Code Required To Avail The Offer
icon Limited Period Offer
icon Offer Applicable Only For 1 Year Plan Starting From Rs.799

Norton: Protect and Save

Norton Family Offer At Just Rs.1,749/yr

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconNo Minimum Cart Value Required
icon Offer Valid For All Users
icon No Coupon Code Required To Avail The Offer
icon Limited Period Offer
icon You Can Avail 30 Day Free Trial As Well

Drive Smarter, Save Smarter

Get Norton Driver Updater At Just Rs.2999

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconNo Minimum Cart Value Required
icon Offer Valid For All Users
icon No Coupon Code Required To Avail The Offer
icon Automatic Driver Update Scanner
icon Vulnerable Driver Identification

Stay Protected, Pay Less

Get Norton Secure VPN Starting @ Rs.1299 First Year

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconNo Minimum Cart Value Required
icon Offer Valid For All Users
iconOffer Applicable On Norton Secure VPN
icon No Coupon Code Required To Avail This Offer
icon 10 Devices For Norton Secure VPN

Fearlessly Browse The Web Using Norton Offers

Looking for the best solutions to stay safe online with powerful antivirus? But Norton Antivirus. It is one of the leading platforms for providing digital security solutions at inexpensive costs and discounts. Customers can save up to 65% on various plans like Norton AntiVirus Plus, Norton 360 Standard, Norton 360 Deluxe, and more. The platform offers several discounts and offers on significant banks and wallets while making transactions. Also, you can receive several Norton Antivirus cashback offers while shopping from Cashaly. It is the hub for all the discounts and coupons for up to 750+ stores. Hence, lock out viruses and unlock peace of mind with Norton.

How to use a Norton discount code?

Customers can benefit from a number of Norton discounts by performing the following:

  1. Visit Cashaly and sign into your account.
  2. Search for the Norton store.
  3. Examine every coupon for your antivirus software.
  4. Copy the code after clicking "Get Code."
  5. The Norton website will open in your browser.
  6. Add your email or phone number in order to sign up for the package that interests you.
  7. You may now select the preferred payment method.
  8. Apply the Norton coupon code India at the checkout to get a discount.

Guard Your Digital Fortress Using Norton Services

Norton is a renowned cybersecurity firm that offers a variety of security goods and services to both consumers and companies. These services are primarily concerned with shielding computers and other electronic devices against the web dangers like viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing scams. The services offered by Norton typically consist of:

Antivirus Protection: Norton provides antivirus software that analyzes and uncovers unwanted software on your gadgets, including computers, smartphones, and tablets and assists in removing it to safeguard your data and privacy.

Identity Theft Protection: Norton offers tools to assist in keeping an eye on and defending your identity against theft or misuse, like alerts for fraudulent actions involving your private data.

VPN (Virtual Private Network): By encrypting their link to the internet, Norton's VPN service enables users to access the internet more safely while keeping their internet usage hidden and safe from prospective hackers or eavesdroppers. However, this service is currently non-operational in India due to some guidelines by the government.

Cloud Backup: In several Norton subscriptions, users have access to cloud backup services that let them save their essential documents and data safely in the cloud, safeguarding them from data loss in the event of hardware malfunctions or malware attacks.

Parental Control: Norton provides parental control tools so that parents may supervise and regulate their kids' online activities and give them a safer online environment.

Internet Security: In order to secure your online activities and confidential data from cyber risks, Norton security services for the internet offer features, including firewall protection, safe surfing, and anti-phishing techniques.

Apart from these services, Norton delivers several other solutions that make it stand out from the crowd. Like Norton, other platforms like McAfee delivers these kinds of services to enhance software operations.

Norton Subscription Plans 2024

Norton provides a range of plans to meet the demands of all of its users. Here is a summary of some of their plans.

  • Norton Antivirus PLUS: Users of PCs and Macs can benefit from this plan's reliable antivirus security. It has cutting-edge safety functions like online identity security, malware scanning, and real-time detection of threats. You can avail savings of up to 65% on this plan using Norton Antivirus Coupons from Cashaly.
  • Norton 360 STANDARD: This program offers complete security options for only one device. It provides features including cloud backup, a password manager, private VPN, dark web surveillance, and antivirus defence. This plan is only available for usage on one device. On this plan, customers can save their money by up to 60% and enhance the functioning of their devices.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe (3 Devices): With this Norton package, up to three devices are covered by the protection. It has all the same capabilities as Norton 360 Standard, along with parental control and 50GB Cloud Backup.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe (5 Devices): This plan enables five devices to be covered with all the functionalities as Norton 360 Deluxe (3 devices) does, facilitating larger residences or people with several devices.
  • Norton 360 For Gamers: In this plan, you can safeguard your devices with intricate security technologies from cyber threats and features that prevent the exposure of your information with Norton 360 for Gamers.
  • Norton Secure VPN: With this plan, you can protect your most private information from strangers when travelling abroad.
  • Norton Family Plan: This plan provides parents with the knowledge they require to keep their children engaged and secure online. In addition to monitoring for age-appropriate content and establishing screen time limits, parents may check their child's search phrases and videos.
  • Norton Utilities Ultimate: In order to make your window new again, purchase this plan. With the help of specific cleaners and optimizers for Windows computers, you can improve the efficiency of your PC.
  • Norton Driver Update: With this plan, you may enjoy quicker searching, fewer stops and errors on your Windows PC, as well as better audio and visuals.
  • Norton AntiTrack: This new featured plan helps to protect the privacy of your browsing activities and confidential data by eliminating trackers and hiding your digital fingerprint.

Hence, with all these subscription plans, you can enrich your browsing experience in an affordable and discounted manner. Don't forget to use Norton security offers and coupons from Cashaly.

Empower Your Devices & Savings Using These Techniques

If you are looking for the best ways to augment your savings while enabling your device to work effectively and efficiently, implement these simple strategies:

  • Free trials: Norton normally provides free trials for several of its products and services. Use these free trials to evaluate the software before deciding to subscribe for a fee.
  • Coupons and Discounts: Keep an eye out for Norton discounts and coupons, which are frequently made accessible on their website or coupon websites like Cashaly. These can significantly reduce the cost of your purchase or membership.
  • Multi-Device Subscription Plans: Consider choosing one of Norton's multi-device plans if you require security for several devices, such as PCs, cellphones, and tablets. These packages are frequently more affordable than buying separate licenses for every device.
  • Offers for Renewal: When your membership will come to an end, stay updated for offers for renewal. In order to get repeat customers to renew their subscriptions, Norton may provide discounts.
  • Seasonal Sales and Promotions: Norton occasionally runs exclusive deals on significant occasions. To find the finest bargains, have an eye on these seasonal sales.

Norton Cancellation & Refund Policy

Like the finest antivirus solutions and security, Norton provides a thorough cancellation and refund policy to guarantee client satisfaction and security of mind. If an individual wishes to end their Norton subscription, the procedure is simple and effortless. The policy normally permits a complete refund within 60 days for annual subscriptions and 14 days for monthly subscriptions. Customers can start the cancelling process by logging into their Norton account or by getting in touch with Norton's customer service. However, to determine the precise refund eligibility period, it is crucial to check the particular conditions and terms associated with the subscription plan.

If you have any issues or queries, kindly call Norton customer care at 000 800 100 7601. Non-registered users can get in touch with Norton through the official website and choose the issue from the themes already pre-listed on their platform. You can sign up on their official site to join and have access to their additional support services.


1. Where can I find coupons for Norton Antivirus?

On websites like Cashaly, you may locate all the latest and validated Norton Antivirus offers and coupons to enhance your device programming and savings.

2. Can Norton safeguard my mobile devices?

Yes, Norton provides both Android and iOS mobile safety services. These software applications offer functions including online device tracking, virus detection, app checking, and anti-theft abilities.

3. How can I set up Norton antivirus on my computer?

In order to install Norton Antivirus on your computer, you have to buy a subscription from the authorized Norton website. Then you may download the software and activate it by following the installation instructions that appear on the screen. Norton frequently offers step-by-step installation instructions to help users.

4. Does Norton work on both Windows and Mac?

Yes, Norton provides security options that are appropriate for use with both Windows and Mac. For the best possible protection, they have unique products designed for each platform.

5. Can I test a product from Norton before buying it?

Yes, Norton frequently offers trial versions of its products for free. Before buying, you can evaluate the capabilities of the software and its efficiency over a brief trial period.