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About PTC Play

Punjab diyan top-notch movies, songs, Live Gurbani te hor v bhut kuch, sab kuch ikko thaan - PTC Play. Under the umbrella of G Next Media Pvt Ltd, PTC Play is an all-inclusive digital platform that puts the colourful world of Punjabi entertainment at your fingertips. Many channels focusing on various facets of Punjabi culture and lifestyle are available through the platform, such as PTC Punjabi, PTC News, PTC Chakde, PTC Gold, and PTC Simran. In order to experience the rhythm and drama of Punjabi cinema without any hassle, users can buy PTC Play membership at affordable rates and discounts using Cashaly. So, laugh, cry, dance, and save with the best Punjabi entertainment today with one and only PTC Play!

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Buy 1 Month Plan

Buy One Month Subscription @ Rs.49

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iconEnjoy All Reality Shows, Movies & Music
icon Catch New Songs & Movies. Also Watch Punjabi Sports
icon Live News Programmes & Updates
icon Numerous Talent Shows To Promote Punjabi Talent
iconOffer Valid For All Users
icon No Coupon Code Required
iconBuy One Month Subscription Rs.49

1 Year Plan

Buy One Year Subscription @ Rs.550

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iconEnjoy All Reality Shows, Movies & Music
icon Catch New Songs & Movies. Also Watch Punjabi Sports
icon Live News Programmes & Updates
icon Numerous Talent Shows To Promote Punjabi Talent
iconOffer Valid For All Users
icon No Coupon Code Required
iconBuy One Year Subscription Rs.550

Gurbani Offer

Watch Gurbani Only @ PTC Play

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iconEnjoy All Reality Shows, Movies & Music
icon Catch New Songs & Movies. Also Watch Punjabi Sports
icon Live News Programmes & Updates
icon Numerous Talent Shows To Promote Punjabi Talent
iconOffer Valid For All Users
iconNo Coupon Code Required

Watch Latest Movie

Watch All Latest Punjabi Movie On PTC Play

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iconWatch All The Latest Punjabi Movie On PTC Play
iconBuy Subscription & Enjoy Movie, Sports & Many More
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iconOffer Valid For All Users

Sports Offer Awaits!

Watch All The Latest Sports On PTC Play

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iconWatch All The Latest Sports On PTC Play
iconBuy Subscription & Enjoy Movie, Sports & Many More
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iconOffer Valid For All Users

Experience Unbeatable Entertainment Using PTC Play Offers!

Dekh lo Punjabi cinema diyan sab ton changiyan movies, songs, news, te hor v bahaut kuch with PTC Play. The platform allows users to dive into endless entertainment at unbeatable prices using PTC Play offers. Viewers can receive significant discounts and alluring deals on subscription plans. Additionally, users can get additional savings on subscriptions using PTC Play coupon codes. Furthermore, the platform allows users to earn cashback and other enticing deals and offers by making payments through major bank cards and wallets. But do you know the best part of the saving journey? You can now avail all these latest and authentic discounts and coupons in a hassle-free manner on Cashaly. It is a one-stop destination for all your saving needs. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the endless Punjabi stories and songs without stressing your pocket only at PTC Play!

How to use PTC Play Coupons via Cashaly?

Are you looking to immerse yourself in the best of Punjabi entertainment without overspending? Look no further! PTC Play is your ultimate destination for top-notch Punjabi shows, movies, and more, is now more affordable than ever. Users can use PTC Play promo codes available on Cashaly to enjoy significant savings on their subscription plans. All you have to do is follow the steps below, grab your PTC Play discount coupons, and start streaming your favourite content today:

  1. Visit Cashaly and establish a profile there.
  2. Look for the PTC Play store among the other available stores.
  3. Explore the PTC Play discount coupons and pick the best one.
  4. In order to copy the code, click "Get Code."
  5. Once you've copied the code, select "Visit Retailer."
  6. Your browser will launch the PTC Play app or website.
  7. Get the best Punjabi entertainment by purchasing the best PTC Play membership plan.
  8. Paste the copied PTC Play coupon code in the "Apply Coupon" area.
  9. Enjoy premium entertainment at unbeatable prices.

Dive Into Endless Entertainment with These PTC Play Channels!

PTC Play offers a rich array of channels catering to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring an immersive viewing experience for every audience. Whether you are fond of watching serials, spiritual offerings, hip-hop songs, or other content, PTC Play has something for everyone. Here's the list of some of the channels:

  • PTC Punjabi
  • PTC News
  • PTC Chakde
  • PTC Dhol Tv
  • PTC Simran
  • PTC Punjabi Gold
  • PTC Music
  • PTC Record

With such a comprehensive lineup, PTC Play ensures there’s something for everyone, making it a go-to platform for quality entertainment and information.

Discover New Stories & Revisit Classics With PTC Play Content!

From gripping dramas to soulful melodies, find it all on PTC Play! The platform delivers a wide array of enterainment and spirituality in the form of movies, songs, genres, reality shows, and many more at affordable rates. Here's a short brief of the content categories available at PTC Play:

Gurbani: Embark on the path of peace and serenity by listening to the best Gurbani from PTC Play. You may immerse yourself in heartfelt hymns, kirtans, and lectures that infuse your everyday life with calmness and ease by listening to the Gurbani. Additionally, you may watch live broadcasts from holy locations and unique programs that delve into the rich spiritual legacy of Sikhism to feel the divine connection.

Movies: Filled with immense joy, romance, humour, and action, PTC Play showcases a wide array of movies suiting the varied interests of viewers. Additionally, users can take advantage of unique behind-the-scenes extras, director's edits, and exclusive premieres to gain a better understanding of their favourite movies. Many of the titles include subtitles, so even people who don't speak Punjabi may enjoy themselves. However, like PTC Play, users can watch some of the Punjabi movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime at affordable rates. So gather your popcorn and get ready for an epic film marathon that showcases Punjabi cinema's diverse legacy.

Sports: Fasten your seatbelts guys! PTC Play is here with the vibrant Sports category that will stoke your interest in sports. Viewers can watch live coverage of the biggest sports events, such as hockey, wrestling, kabaddi, and more. The platform allows users to experience thrilling in-depth analysis that keeps them on the edge of their seats, watch legendary bouts, and get unique interviews with famous sportsmen.

Genres: With PTC Play's Genres category, you may discover the whole range of entertainment options to suit any mood or interest. Users can explore a vast range of genres, such as action, horror, comedy, drama, romance, and documentaries. PTC Play has selected the greatest material to fit your tastes, whether you're searching for a thrill, a tear, or a laugh. Find undiscovered treasures and shows that are worth binge-watching from the very beginning to the very last episode.

Overall, with PTC Play's rich and varied content categories, every viewer can find something to enjoy, making it the ultimate destination for Punjabi entertainment. So, stop roaming and binge-watch your favourite Punjabi entertainment without any interruption and hassle on PTC Play!

Catch All The Premium Content with PTC Play Subscription!

Whether you're a fan of funny and thrilling Punjabi movies, zeal to know the whereabouts of Punjab, or habit of hearing the sacred melodies of Gurbani, PTC Play has something for everyone. But do you want to encounter all the content without any interruption? If yes, buy the PTC Play subscription. Your favourite entertainment will come to life with crystal-clear audio and images when you stream it seamlessly. You can never miss out on the newest stories and trends due to the membership, which gives you unique access to premium programs, behind-the-scenes videos, and interviews with your favourite performers.

PTC Play has two membership plans: monthly and annually, which you can choose based on your needs and preferences. The price of a PTC Play subscription is Rs.49/monthly and Rs.550 yearly. Under both plans, users can enjoy all reality shows, movies & music and catch new songs & movies, watch Punjabi sports, live news programmes & updates, and numerous talent shows to promote Punjabi talent. Additionally, users can use PTC Play membership coupons and offers to unlock the premium content without breaking the bank.

Stream More While Spending Less Using These Methods!

Do you also love Punjabi shows and movies? If yes, PTC Play offers a rich library of Punjabi content, including movies, TV shows, and live streaming of popular channels. If you're a fan of Punjabi entertainment and looking to save on your PTC Play subscription, here are some practical money-saving techniques:

Use Coupon Codes & Deals: Search for the latest and authentic PTC Play discount coupons and deals on the official website, newsletters, social media channels, or third-party coupon websites like Cashaly. These codes will help you to save big on your favourite Punjabi shows and movies.

Watch for Renewal Offers: Subscribers often receive special offers when their current subscription is nearing renewal. Look out for emails or notifications from PTC Play offering reduced rates for renewing your subscription. These deals can be an excellent way to save money.

Feedback Rewards: Participate in feedback surveys or provide reviews. Sometimes, PTC Play offers incentives such as discounts or credits for user feedback.

Pay with Wallets or Cards: Some platforms offer cashback or discounts when you pay using specific wallets or credit/debit cards. Check if PTC Play has any partnerships with payment providers offering such benefits.

Subscription Plans: Opt for longer-duration subscription plans like annual subscriptions rather than monthly ones. They often come with discounts and save you money in the long run.

Watch Ads for Rewards: Some platforms offer rewards for watching ads. If PTC Play has such a feature, consider using it to earn credits that can offset subscription costs.

By employing these money-saving techniques, you can enjoy all the rich and diverse Punjabi content that PTC Play has to offer without straining your budget. Happy streaming!

PTC Play Cancellation Policy

PTC Play’s cancellation policy aims to provide users with flexibility and convenience. Subscribers can cancel their subscriptions at any time through their account settings on the PTC Play website or app. Upon cancellation, users will continue to have access to PTC Play content until the end of their current billing cycle, after which the service will not renew, and no further charges will be incurred. It is important to note that PTC Play does not offer refunds for partial billing periods, so it’s advisable to cancel close to the end of the billing cycle to maximize your subscription. For any issues or further assistance, PTC Play’s customer support team is readily available to help subscribers through the cancellation process.

If you have any questions or concerns about the subscription or other services, contact the PTC Play support team at developer@ptcnetwork.com. Additionally, users can submit their queries by filling out a form on the "Contact Us" page.


1. Is PTC Play free?

PTC Play, a video-on-demand (VOD) platform is FREE for some content. However, in order to access the premium content, users must buy a PTC Play subscription.

2. Can I download content on PTC Play for offline viewing?

Yes, PTC Play allows users to download select movies and shows for offline viewing, which is convenient for watching content without an internet connection.

3. What payment options are available at PTC Play?

At PTC Play, users can transact through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI, Rewards, and Wallets like JioMoney, Mobikwik, Freecharge, OlaMoney, etc.

4. Where can I find coupons for PTC Play subscription?

On websites like Cashaly, viewers can locate all the latest and authentic PTC Play coupons and offers to enjoy premium entertainment at unbeatable prices.

5. Is PTC Play available on smart TVs and other devices?

Yes, PTC Play is compatible with smart TVs, streaming devices (like Amazon Fire Stick, and Chromecast), and gaming consoles, in addition to smartphones and tablets.

6. How much does a subscription to PTC Play cost?

Subscription costs vary based on the plan you choose. PTC Play often offers monthly and annual subscription options with different pricing tiers.