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Cashback SBI Credit Card

Cashback SBI Credit Card


Earn ₹1800 Cashaly Rewards

Annual Fee ₹ 999/-

Joining Fee ₹ 999/-

Users of the Cashback SBI Credit Card can benefit from receiving cashback benefits on everyday purchases. It offers a practical method of making savings while shopping. You may get up to 5% cashback with this card on all of your offline & online transactions. In addition, you get lots of extra benefits like free access to domestic airport lounges.

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Cashaly Rewards T&C

Rewards Tracked Within:72 Hours
Rewards Paid: Within 60-65 Days Of Card Disbursal
No Rewards Are Applicable If The Applicant's Mobile Number Is Changed During The Application.
No Rewards Are Applicable For Existing SBI Bank Credit Card Holders
If You Apply For A Different Card Upon Redirecting You Will Be Eligible For The Rewards Rates Applicable To The Card Applied. For More Information Check The Details Of The Applied Card On Cashaly
Missing Rewards: Accepted
Rewards Will Be Provided In The Cashaly Account Not In SBI Bank Application.
Do Not Visit Any Other Coupon Or Deal Site After Clicking Out From Cashaly.
Do Not Use A Referral Code While Applying For The Card.
No Rewards Are Applicable If You Cancel The Application.
Fraudulent Activity Will Lead To The Cancellation Of The Rewards. Cashaly's Decision Will Be Final In This Case.
Referal Earnign Is Not Valid In Finance Category.
If Your Rewards Do Not Track, Raise A Missing Cashback Query Within 30 Days From The Application Date.
Rewards Can Only Be Redeemed In Bank Account Through UPI.
Please Send Rewards Related Queries To Cashaly Only, Not To SBI Bank.


Age: 21 years to 70 years

Occupation: Salaried or Self-Employed.

Recommended Credit Score

Min 700

Cashback SBI Credit Card Features

Get 5% cashback on every purchase you make online.
Earn 1% cashback for all purchases made offline.
Take advantage of a 1% fuel price waiver at all Indian gas stations.

Expert Review

Our Expert Review

Because of its generous cashback rewards program, which allows users to earn cashback on a variety of regular expenses, the Cashback SBI Credit Card is adored by all. A wide range of customers find it appealing due to the range it offers in giving cashback across various purchasing categories. Earn 1% cashback on offline transactions and 5% cashback on online purchases. Benefits include the ability to add family members for free and a waiver of the 1% fuel surcharge.


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What are the benefits of SBI Cashback Credit Cards?

SBI Cashback Credit Cards come with a host of features designed to meet the demands of a wide range of customers. These cards offer an easy way to save money while spending, with significant cashback returns on ordinary expenditures like fuel and groceries. On their regular transactions, customers can earn up to 5% cashback. To further enhance the cardholder experience, SBI Cashback Credit Cards come with exclusive benefits including access to airport lounges, waivers of fuel surcharges, and free insurance. Overall, for people who want to get the most out of using credit cards to maximise savings and perks, the Cashback SBI Credit Card is an attractive option.

Cashback SBI Credit Card Fuel Benefit

Enjoy a 1% fuel fee waiver at all petrol outlets in India on transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000. The maximum surcharge waiver each billing cycle is Rs. 100.

SBI Cashback Credit Card Additional Benefits

Other advantages of the Cashback SBI Card include:

  • Receive two complimentary add-ons for family members for lifetime. Add-on cards for your parents, spouse, kids, or siblings who are older than 18 can give your family more authority.
  • Over 24 million places globally, including 3.25 lakh in India, accept this card.
  • Utilise the 'Easy Bill Pay' option to conveniently pay your utility bills, including electricity and mobile.
  • Move any outstanding balances from other banks onto your credit card so that you can pay them back in smaller instalments at a discounted interest rate.
  • Cash withdrawal is available from more than a million Visa locations worldwide.

Cashback SBI Credit Card Renewal Benefits

An annual/renewal cost of Rs. 999 will be charged; however, if you spent Rs. 2 lakh the year prior, this amount will be waived.

Cashback SBI Credit Card Cashback Benefits

The way you see credit card spending might completely change with cashback rewards. One of the greatest cashback credit cards in India has enticing cash back incentives that make every transaction feel good, as this section explains.

  • Get 5% Cashback on all purchases made online, regardless of the vendor.
  • Get 1% Cashback when you shop offline.
  • After your next statement is generated, cashback will be automatically credited to your SBI Card account within two business days.
  • For transactions including Flexipay and Merchant EMI, cashback is not available.
  • During a statement cycle, the maximum cashback that can be obtained on both online and offline purchases is Rs. 5,000. Spending with a Cashback SBI Card for that statement month is not eligible for any cash back after it reaches the Rs. 5,000 maximum.

How to apply for the SBI Cashback Credit Card?

Both online and in-person applications are accepted for the Cashback SBI Credit Card at banks near you. The online application process for the Cashback SBI Credit Card can be completed by following these steps:

  1. Go to the SBI Bank website and select the Credit Card page.
  2. To examine the details of the card, select the Cashback SBI Credit Card.
  3. Select 'Check Eligibility' to find out if you are eligible for the card.
  4. If you meet the requirements, you will be directed to the online application page.
  5. Once the online application has been filled out, click "Submit."
  6. Please upload and submit all necessary documents in the following step.
  7. As soon as the application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email containing the Application ID. You can use the same to check the status of your credit card application one week after submitting it.

How will I get cashback on the Cashback SBI Credit Card?

After the statement generation date, Card Cashback will be automatically credited to your SBI Card account within two business days. To verify the same, sign in to the SBI Card website or mobile app.

Exclusions on Cashback On SBI Cashback Credit Card

Cashback is not available for the following spend categories:

  • Jewellery
  • Rental
  • Wallet
  • Fuel
  • Card, Gift, Novelty & Souvenir Shops
  • School and Educational Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Utilities
  • Quasi Cash/Member Financial Institution
  • Railways

Benefits Of SBI Cashback Credit Card Contactless Payments

With the Cashback SBI Card, everyday purchases are now simple. Just tap your card to complete a transaction at a secure reader:

Quick and easy - You don't have to search for cash or use your card for routine small-cost purchases

Security - In a Contactless transaction, the card never leaves your hand, greatly reducing the possibility of card loss and fraud due to skimming (counterfeiting). Despite the card being tapped numerous times at the scanner, VISA PayWave ensures only one transaction passes through due to its unique security key.

Cashback SBI Credit Card – Fees and Charges

To get the most out of your Cashback SBI Credit Card, you must be aware of its fees. Let's examine the costs and fee schedule for this card.

Annual Fee Rs. 999
Renewal Charges Rs. 999
Finance Charges Up to 3.50% per month (42% per annum)
Cash Payment Fee Rs.250 + taxes
Add-on Fee NIL
Late Payment Charges Upto Rs 500: Rs 0 From Rs 501 to Rs 1000: Rs 400 From Rs 1001 to Rs 10000: Rs 750 From Rs 10001 to Rs 25000: Rs 950 From Rs 25001 to Rs 50000: Rs 1100 Above Rs 50000: Rs 1300

Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required For SBI Cashback Credit Card

There are a few criteria that you must meet in order to apply for the Cashback SBI Credit Card offer.

  • You must be at least 21 years old to participate.
  • With a steady monthly income, he or she should be self-employed or be employed on a salary.
  • The applicant must be an Indian national.
  • A credit history and a respectable credit score of at least 750 are excellent.

For each credit card application, you must submit the following documents. The following files need to be submitted:

Identity Proof - Voter ID card, driving licence, PAN card, and Aadhar card.

Address Proof - Utility bills on the name of the applicant for credit card issuance, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, Passport.

Income Proof - Bank statements or salary slips from the previous three months. You may also provide evidence in the form of an ITR or Form 16.


1. How much is the joining fee for the Cashback SBI Card?

There is a Rs. 999 membership charge for the Cashback SBI Card.

2. Can I avail add-on cards for my family members?

Yes, add-on cards are available for free for life and can be applied for parents, spouses, kids, or siblings who are older than 18 years old.

3. Will my Cashback SBI Credit Card Cashback expire?

Your cashback for the Cashback SBI credit cards never expires. Within two working days of the card statement being generated, the card cashback you have earned is deposited to your SBI Card account and is immediately updated in your subsequent bill.

4. How much cashback is available for online purchases on the Cashback SBI Card?

With no restrictions on the retailer, the Cashback SBI Card offers an enticing 5% Cashback on all online purchases.

5. When will I receive cashback on my Cashback SBI Card?

After your subsequent statement is generated, you will earn cashback in your SBI Card account within two days.

6. Will I get access to airport lounges with my Cashback SBI Card?

Yes, you will receive four complimentary visits to domestic airport lounges annually, up to a maximum of one visit per quarter.

7. How much cashback is available for offline purchases on the Cashback SBI Card?

You'll receive 1% cashback on offline purchases and utility bill payments with Cashback SBI Card.

Earn ₹1800 Cashaly Rewards