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Top 10 Best Hotels In Ayodhya Near Ram Mandir For Luxurious Stay

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Last Update : Jan 22, 2024

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Since the grand opening of the Ram Mandir is scheduled for January 22, 2024, there will be a lot of excitement and religious fervour around the celebration. Numerous travellers and pilgrims are coming to the city ahead of the grand Ram Mandir's Pran Pratishtha (inauguration). The opening of the Ram Mandir represents a rejuvenated sense of unity and faith in the nation, as well as the realisation of a centuries-old desire for millions of Hindus.

Luxury accommodations close to the Ram Mandir have become significantly more popular since the much-anticipated temple was completed. In order to satisfy the accommodation needs of every visitor, we have listed below some of the best hotels in Ayodhya near the renowned Ram Mandir. In addition to providing opulent and pleasant stay, these hotels also offer quick access to the city's other popular destinations, like the Hindu temple, Ghat, Bhawan and many more. These hotels offer a warm shelter for travellers who are exploring the cultural and religious heritage of Ayodhya, ensuring an unforgettable stay in the centre of this sacred city. Let's unite to make this occasion that will live on in history and is truly memorable.

Best Hotels in Ayodhya Near Ram Mandir 2024

The top hotels in Ayodhya near the Ram Mandir offer unbeatable comfort and proximity to divinity. These hotels provide travellers and pilgrims a perfect place to relax after exploring the holy location as they seamlessly combine contemporary luxury with spiritual serenity. So let's explore the the best budget hotels in Ayodhya for a comfortable stay:

1. The Ramayana Hotel, Ayodhya

The Ramayana Hotel

Located close to Ram Mandir, Ramayana Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ayodhya. A symbolic haven that honours the city's rich cultural legacy, The Ramayana Hotel can be found in the centre of Ayodhya. This hotel offers a seamless fusion of modern amenities and classic charm, making it a unique experience for guests. The hotel perfectly embodies the spiritual significance of the city, drawing inspiration from the epic Ramayana. Pilgrims and visitors looking for a peaceful stay in Ayodhya can find the perfect shelter at The Ramayana Hotel, which offers luxurious rooms, welcoming hospitality, and convenient proximity to the Ram Mandir. Depending on their interests, customers can select from a wide variety of rooms, including executive, superior, suite, deluxe with balcony, luxury suite, and many more. To take advantage of fantastic savings and cashbacks, make sure to book your hotel through Cashaly.

Location - Booth no. 4, Shahnawajpur Manjha, Darshan Nagar, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh- 224135 (5.3Km from Ram Mandir)

Ratings - 8.2/10

Hotel Contact Number - +91 6386901835

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2. Awadh Samrat Resort, Ayodhya

Awadh Samrat Resort

Located in the historically significant city of Ayodhya, the Awadh Hotel is a prestigious establishment that perfectly blends modern comfort with a touch of antiquity. The hotel is ideally situated next to the Ram Mandir, providing travellers and pilgrims with both a comfortable stay and an opulent and peaceful retreat. The hotel gives a perfect atmosphere for unwinding and feeling the warmth of this holy city. The minimalist design and serene atmosphere that each room exudes is enough to win your heart. It is one of the best 5 Star Hotels in Ayodhya for a wonderful stay. The Awadh Hotel enables visitors to fully immerse themselves in the cultural and spiritual atmosphere of Ayodhya while taking use of modern comforts. It offers well-appointed suites, fine dining options, and genuine hospitality. For visitors looking for a relaxing stay as well as convenient access to the holy sites that capture the spirit of Ayodhya, this hotel is a fantastic place to stay.

Location - Plot No-142, Kaushalpuri Phase-2, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224001, (15.8Km from Ram Mandir)

Ratings - 8.5/10

Hotel Contact Number - 072100 06134

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3. Birla Dharamshala, Ayodhya

Birla Dharamshala

The Birla Group's dedication to provide pilgrims and tourists peaceful accommodation in this holy city has been shown by Birla Dharamshala in Ayodhya. This Dharamshala, which is close to the Ram Mandir, has contemporary conveniences and a serene atmosphere. Each room has a private bathroom, a TV with cable channels, a closet, and complimentary toiletries. You have plenty of opportunities to unwind and relax at one of the best budget hotels in Ayodhya that also serves delicious food. Guests can fully benefit from the spiritual atmosphere of Ayodhya at this establishment, which combines ancient traditions with modern conveniences to create a harmonious atmosphere. Situated in a prominent area, the Birla Dharamshala is close to several of the best places to visit in Ayodhya, including Hanuman Garhi Mandir, Dashrath Mahal, Railway Station, Ram Janmabhoomi and more.

Location - 24/2, 10, Ayodhya Rd, Sai Nagar, New Colony, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224123 (2.1Km Distance)

Ratings - 8.1/10

Hotel Contact Number - 099352 24897

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4. Park Inn by Radisson, Ayodhya

Park Inn by Radisson

The Radisson Hotel Group has declared the opening of the Park Inn by Radisson Ayodhya, its newest location in Ayodhya. Amidst the historical and spiritual legacy of Ayodhya, the Park Inn by Radisson shines brightly as an icon of modern hospitality. This hotel, which is near the Ram Mandir, provides a smooth fusion of contemporary comfort with traditional experience. Park Inn by Radisson offers a convenient and relaxing retreat for both business and leisure travellers, along with luxurious dining options, well-appointed accommodations, and attentive services. It is among the best luxury hotels in Ayodhya, offering unforgettable experiences for every traveller.

Travellers coming by air may reach the hotel with ease from Maharishi Valmiki International Airport, and those choosing to travel by rail can get to the hotel from Ayodhya Cantt Railway Station. A hassle-free experience for visitors arriving by car is guaranteed by the hotel's substantial parking area. For visitors wishing to fully immerse themselves in Ayodhya's rich cultural and religious tapestry, the hotel's close proximity to best tourist places in Ayodhya like the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, the Hanuman Garhi Temple, and Sita ki Rasoi serves as a fantastic choice. In the centre of Ayodhya, the Park Inn by Radisson Ayodhya offers an appealing retreat that promises a great stay, whether one wants spiritual tranquillity or wishes to explore the city's rich history.

Location - Plot No.4108, Fatehganj Road - Civil Line Rd, Lajpat Nagar, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh 224001

Ratings - 9/10

Hotel Contact Number - 05278 310 222

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5. Royal Heritage Hotel & Resort, Ayodhya

Royal Heritage Hotel & Resort

Offering an opulent retreat in the centre of this historically significant city, the Royal Heritage Hotel & Resort in Ayodhya is a landmark to luxury and regality. The hotel's regal architecture gives it an air of the past while blending modern comforts in an effortless manner. With their first-rate lodging, superb dining options, and outstanding facilities, you may transform your stay and experience a world of perfection. The establishment is conveniently situated near the Ram Mandir, offering pilgrims and tourists a tranquil haven to relax after a day of sightseeing. Perfect for leisure travellers, the Royal Heritage Hotel & Resort in Ayodhya boasts modern elegance. The majority of the tourist attractions and the commercial centre are both conveniently located nearby. This hotel is among the best places to stay in Ayodhya because of its expansive rooms, immaculate surroundings, and fantastic location. Providing exquisite service, luxurious lodging, and enhancing Ayodhya's spiritual ambience are the trademarks of the Royal Heritage Hotel & Resort.

Location - NH -24 Lucknow, Highway, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh 271319

Ratings - 7.5/10

Hotel Contact Number - 081888 29090

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There are numerous choices that suit a range of tastes and budgets when it comes to the best hotels in Ayodhya located near Ram Mandir. Everybody may find something to enjoy in Ayodhya, whether they are searching for an affordable hotel without sacrificing comfort or an opulent stay with excellent facilities. The Ramayana Hotel, Royal Heritage Hotel & Resort, and Park Inn by Radisson are a few of the hotels that are recommended at all. Ayodhya's spiritual and cultural offerings can be fully experienced by guests staying at these hotels, which also provide convenient access to the holy Ram Mandir. They offer exceptional hospitality all around. For a memorable and pleasurable stay, go no farther than the top hotels listed above if you're thinking about visiting Ayodhya and want to stay close to Ram Mandir.

Published on Jan 12, 2024


The Ram Mandir temple is 161 feet (49 metres) in height, 380 feet long, and 250 feet broad. The temple complex will rank third in size among Hindu temples worldwide.

Reservations can also be made offline at the Ram Mandir Visitor Center in Ayodhya, which is open from 10am to 6pm Daily hours for darshan are from 2 pm to 7 pm and 7 am to 11:30 pm.

Astrologers claim that January 22 is a day on which many fortunate yogas are being established. On this day, three auspicious yogas are being developed, namely Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, Amrit Siddhi Yoga and Ravi Yoga. It is seen to be a very fortunate day to perform any type of auspicious work.

With the help of his two sons, Nikhil and Ashish Sompura, who are also architects, Chandrakant Sompura was the temple's main architect. According to the Hindu scriptures, the Vastu and Shilpa shastras, a new design was created by the Sompuras in 2020, but with some modifications from the original.

The Ramprastha Hotel, Bhagat Ji Guest House, Beena Residency, and Hotel Royal are the best affordable places to stay in Ayodhya.