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Top 10 Raincoat Brands In India 2024 For Men & Women

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Last Update : Jul 16, 2024

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As it's about time for the much awaited rainy season, and when we think of the rainy season, we immediately think of hot tea, Pakora, sweet corn and especially raincoat. Most of the time, you would simply take an umbrella and leave. Even though it seems like a good idea, you won't be able to use it successfully if you're riding a bike or bicycle or if it's windy outside. At this time, raincoats are required, especially for those who must spend a lot of time outside in the rain, such as daily commuters, cyclists, construction workers, police officers, delivery people, and journalists.

If you're seeking for the Top 10 Best Raincoat Brands in India, you've come to the correct spot. Not everyone enjoys the monsoons, and occasionally they may be messy. You may stay dry and stylish at the same time by wearing a raincoat. In this post, learn about the top 10 branded raincoats for men and women in India.

In addition to offering comprehensive rain protection, raincoats are lightweight, flexible, and easy to maintain. When it starts to rain, simply put on the raincoat, and you may go outside and do your tasks without worrying about getting wet. In addition, since raincoats are small enough to fit comfortably in backpacks, they are portable. In contrast, carrying an umbrella is less practical than donning a raincoat.

10 Best Raincoat Brands In India 2024

There are numerous raincoat brands in India, which adds to the difficulty of choosing. In light of this, we made the decision to compile this detailed list of the top 10 raincoat brands in India. So let's begin with that.

  • Wildcraft
  • Decathlon
  • Zeel
  • Rexburg
  • Columbia
  • The Clownfish
  • Zacharias
  • New Era
  • Duckback
  • Aristocrat

1. Wildcraft

wildcraft raincoat

The brand Wildcraft is well-known among today's youngsters. It is among the top raincoat brands for bikers in India. When riding motorcycles and scooters, their raincoats are wonderful to wear. The raincoats, which are offered at their flagship stores as well as online, come in cool designs and styles. 100% polyester and waterproofing are both features of the most significant raincoat from Wildcraft. It has two side pockets, a full-zip fastening, and a hood. The colour options for the raincoat jacket are blue and black. Additionally, it has a velcro clasp, sealed seams, and reflective branding on the front and back to keep you visible even in low light. The attached hood includes adjustable draw cords for your convenience, and the pants have an elasticized waistline for a comfortable fit. The starting range of Wildcraft raincoats is Rs 599.

Features Of Wildcraft Raincoat

  • These raincoats have a highly fashionable appearance.
  • Laminated designs using polyester and nylon
  • The head-covering, fashionable hoodie
  • Velcro pockets make it simple to secure your possessions even during heavy rain.
  • With a lifetime warranty included, you are safeguarded against any harm.

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2. Decathlon

decathlon raincoat

Decathlon is the best raincoat brand in India that is well-liked for its superior quality. It is the top brand for all things related to sportswear at the most reasonable costs. The company sells windbreakers and raincoats of the highest calibre. Aside from adult hiking rain ponchos and pocket raincoats, this firm also sells waterproof hiking jackets. They generally make use of rainproof EVA materials, which will shield you from the drizzle. Additionally, they are lightweight and convenient to carry. The raincoats and jackets from Decathlon also have several useful features, like zipped pockets and an inside breast pocket. Decathlon has the kind of clothing you need, whether it's a heavy-duty coat or a lightweight raincoat. Decathlon raincoats start at Rs 499.

Features of Decathlon Raincoat

  • The Decathlon Raincoat is simple to fold into a small package and store in the provided bag.
  • Compared to other brands, the price is reasonable.
  • The main source of sporting goods in India is Decathlon.
  • A two-year warranty is included with the Decathlon jacket raincoat.

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3. Zeel

Zeel Raincoat

Check out Zeel's line of raincoats if you're specifically looking for a company that specialises in producing the best raincoats for heavy rain in India. Zeel's goods are highly promising and robust when compared to rainwear from other manufacturers. For kids, ladies, and men, it has a fantastic selection of raincoats in India. When going on bikes and scooters, it is a great choice because it is renowned for making the best raincoat for bikers in India. The waterproof pants that come with the raincoat make it the perfect item to wear while walking, campaigning, or engaging in any other outdoor activity. The carrying bag that Zeel raincoats have sets them apart from other raincoats on the market. In mild, moderate, or even heavy downpours, you can wear it with ease. It can also be worn to shield yourself from the wind and dust. Zeel raincoats start at a price of Rs 500.

Features Of Zeel Raincoat

  • To prevent moisture from leaking through, it is made of nylon and has a rubberized covering on the cuffs.
  • These raincoats are exceptionally lightweight, simple to clean, and long-lasting.
  • They offer jackets that are 100% windproof, breathable, and cosy.
  • You can use it with your casual attire during rainy or cool weather as it looks so elegant.

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4. Rexburg

Rexburg Raincoat

Rexburg's durability and fashion make it one of the best quality raincoat brands in India. The Rexburg raincoat is made of durable 100% polyester fabric that has been given a DWR coating to help it ward off moisture and minor stains. These brands provide raincoats in a variety of designs and colours for men, women, and children. Rexburg raincoat is currently extensively accessible throughout India, both offline and online. The Rain Wear has reinforced stitching throughout to increase durability for longer use. The Rexburg raincoat is a must-have for everyone in every season because of its excellent protecting qualities. Rexburg raincoats start at a price of Rs 500.

Features of Rexburg Raincoat

  • The Rexburg Raincoat is a reversible jacket that offers two different looks.
  • It is made of polyester fabric that has been given a DWR treatment to repel moisture.
  • You can breathe freely and avoid getting wet in the rain because of its light weight and partially sealed protection.

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5. Columbia

Columbia Raincoat

One of the top apparel manufacturers in the US, Columbia has gradually entered the Indian market. The most popular brand of raincoat in India is Columbia, which is renowned for its incredible quality. In terms of durability and style, Columbia offers the best rain jackets in India. With a focus on both men's and women's coats and jackets, Columbia is still a market leader in the production of rainwear. In addition to their extensive selection of Columbia raincoats and jackets, the store additionally offers a range of other clothing items bearing the Columbia name, including hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, and more. Columbia's raincoats and rain jackets are made to shield you from inclement weather or heavy rainfall. Those who enjoy sporty looks will find a lot to choose from under this brand. Columbia raincoats start at a price of Rs 1000.

Features of Columbia Raincoats

  • With multiple layers of membranes inside, it is made with Omni-tech technology, making the jacket waterproof.
  • The jacket has a one-year manufacturing warranty and is composed of a lightweight, breathable fabric so you can unwind while taking in the rain.
  • Sweat will evaporate quickly thanks to the fabric's quick-wicking properties.

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6. The Clownfish

The Clownfish Raincoat

The Clownfish brand is your best bet if you're looking to buy a raincoat on a budget. With a strong local following, The Clownfish is a well-known sportswear and textile brand. Additionally, the company offers top-selling rainwear items of excellent quality. This raincoat is the finest option for biking or walking because it will keep your clothes dry and protected while preventing you from getting wet. It is the perfect raincoat for reversible wear because it has a high collar, an adjustable hood, and a reversible design. This raincoat's style comes in a variety of colours. The men's reversible rain jacket is constructed of two layers of polyester fabric. It also has leak-proof stitching, which gives it a competitive advantage. The Clownfish raincoat starts at Rs 800.

Features of The Clownfish Raincoat

  • For your comfort and safety, this rain jacket is made of synthetic water-repellent material.
  • There is no chance of water leaking in thanks to the zip closure and drawstrings on the cuffs.
  • To safeguard your belongings, it also contains zippered pockets.

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7. Zacharias

Zacharias Raincoat

When it comes to raincoats, Zacharias is a very popular option in India. It is regarded as one of the best raincoat brands in India and is well known for offering top-notch, comfortable, and necessary clothing at fair costs. You can discover a huge selection of colours and styles under this brand. You can stay dry and comfortable while it rains thanks to the lightweight, strong, waterproof, and semi-nylon construction of their raincoats. Additionally, a cover is included so that you may dry and store your raincoat after usage. Depending on your needs, this company offers a wide variety of sizes. The best raincoat for women is offered by this brand at the best price. Zacharias raincoats start at a price of Rs 499.

Features Of Zacharias Raincoats

  • This Nylon Raincoat is a complete rain-protection outfit that also includes trousers.
  • Its lightweight, incredibly strong nylon construction keeps you dry and comfortable.
  • Your raincoat has a cover, so you can easily dry it inside and store it there.

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8. New Era

New Era Raincoat

Raincoats from the New Era are extremely light and comfortable for everyone, and they are made in a novel way. It is the top raincoat brand in India and offers premium raincoats at competitive pricing. Products from this brand are ideal for people who live in or travel to wet climates. Their raincoats and jackets have adjustable hoods and hemlines, waterproof zippers, and technological fabrics. This New Era lightweight raincoat has excellent Sparkdry Technology for optimum control of moisture. It has a lovely, silky feel due to the absence of stitches at the seams. You will feel comfortable all day thanks to the raincoat's breathable material. The New Era raincoat collection starts at Rs 750.

Features Of New Era Raincoat

  • Water cannot enter your jacket because of the perfectly sealed seams.
  • Personalised fit is impossible with the adjustable drawcord.
  • Spark Dry Technology keeps moisture out of this polyester raincoat.

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9. Duckback

Duckback Raincoat

The Duckback Raincoats would definitely hold the top ranks on a list of the best cost-effective raincoat options. The company is known for its rain gear. With the highest quality items, this is one of the top raincoats brands in India. Duckback rain jackets are available with matching trousers, shirts and caps. Despite maintaining a competitive pricing, Duckback offers items of superior quality. Additionally, they have a variety of sizes available for both men and women. Duckback creates their raincoats from polyester material, which results in an extremely light, portable, and flexible raincoat. Customers can also get premium rubber boots at the lowest possible cost for the rainy season. Duckback provides everything you're searching for, whether you're seeking for something stylish or effective. The Duckback raincoat is priced at Rs 800.

Features Of Duckback Raincoat

  • Lightweight and cosy polyester was used to create this excellent raincoat.
  • Water and light stains are totally resisted by the DWR finish overall.
  • To stop any unwanted leakage, it is also completely sealed.
  • The clap closure ensures a secure and practical fit.

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10. Aristocrat

Aristocrat Raincoat

Aristocrat has been a well-known brand for its excellent products since 1980. You can look chic and fashionable by wearing a fantastic raincoat of the Aristocrat. Because of their exceptional quality, these raincoats are especially well-liked in North East India, where rainfall is very heavy. These raincoats are offered for sale on their website and in physical stores. The high-quality fabric of this fashionable raincoat provides you with appropriate water protection thanks to its hooded hat and full sleeves. Men, women, and kids raincoats are available from Aristocrat. For the lowest price, this is among the best raincoat brands in India. Along with the raincoat, this brand also offers the suitcase or bags that makes your travelling simple. The starting price range for an Aristocrat raincoat is Rs 1000.

Features Of Aristocrat Raincoat

  • Contains two front pockets for car keys and one pocket for your phone.
  • As the nylon fabric is fully seamed at every junction, it is absolutely waterproof.
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit your preferences.

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Benefits Of Wearing Raincoat In Rainy Season

During the rainy season, a raincoat is a must-have item. Wearing a mackintosh when it's raining has a number of advantages.

  • Wearing a raincoat will keep you dry and prevent you from getting wet when it rains. This is essential since getting wet increases your risk of getting the flu or a cold.
  • Raincoats are accessible to people of all ages and sizes because they come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are practical to use and lightweight and simple to transport.
  • Raincoats are frequently composed of long-lasting, waterproof fabrics. They retain their effectiveness throughout a number of rainy seasons.
  • It's possible to look stylish while wearing a raincoat. You can select a raincoat that matches your style and personality from the range of designs and colours that are readily accessible on the market.
  • Polyester, nylon, or blends like Gore-Tex should be used to make the raincoat. The best and most water-resistant materials are those mentioned. Look for raincoats that are quite waterproof.


The market for raincoats has grown significantly in recent years, and we hope this website will help our visitors learn more about some of the best raincoat brands available in India. For the purpose of putting together a helpful list for you, we took into account elements like material, closure, fit, and finish. By looking over the list of raincoat brands, you can make sure your purchase is worthwhile. Make your shopping worth using Cashlay discount coupons and make it discounted by choosing your brand appropriately.

Published on Jun 28, 2023


Some of the top raincoat brands in India for men are Wildcraft, Decathlon, and Columbia. They use premium materials to create their goods, which are well worth the money you invest.

This is dependent upon the raincoat. While some raincoats can be machine washed, others must be hand washed. Washing instructions are typically placed on the raincoat label.

The finest raincoat brands for women in India include The Clownfish, Zacharias, and Rexburg. They sell the highest-quality raincoats at the most competitive prices in a variety of designs and sizes.

In India, you can choose from a broad variety of raincoats priced between Rs 499 and Rs 10,000.

Consider purchasing a raincoat with a DWR finish or a waterproof material. Ensure that the seams are properly sealed and that the clothes fit properly. Additionally, it needs to be made of a lightweight, breathable material and include a hood to protect your head.

There are many different types of typical raincoat fabrics in existence, such as coated fabric, polyester fabric, PTFF, and nylon Oxford fabric, but silk or linen make the greatest raincoat materials.