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How To Check BSNL Number? Step-By-Step Guide

how to check bsnl number

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Last Update : Jan 03, 2024

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One of India's leading telecommunications companies, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), is vital for the country's connectivity. BSNL, which was founded in 2000, has been a major player in the provision of a variety of communication services, such as broadband internet, digital television, and landline and mobile phone services. Since BSNL is a state-owned company, it has extensive network coverage that extends to even the most rural areas of India, greatly enhancing the country's connection. Reputed for its dependability and broad reach, BSNL remains a vital component of India's telecoms industry, providing a wide range of accessible and varied communication solutions to millions of users.

Users can easily verify their BSNL mobile number through a variety of different options, making the procedure seamless and user-friendly. One effective method is to obtain your BSNL number quickly using USSD codes, which involve following an easy calling procedure. Furthermore, BSNL offers easy-to-use apps that make it simple to check your cell number and access other account-related information. In order to enable consumers to stay updated about account information using the most convenient approach for them, this blog will take you through the step-by-step procedures for verifying your BSNL number using USSD codes, mobile apps, and other practical techniques.

How to Find the BSNL SIM Card Number?

Here are a few ways to find your BSNL sim card number:

Method 1- Check your BSNL mobile number by dialling the USSD code

Using one of the several USSD codes that BSNL provides, you can quickly find out your mobile number. Additional information such as remaining balance, validity, data, and more can be found with the help of the USSD codes. To obtain the information, all you need is the correct combination of USSD codes. Therefore, you can do the following actions if you can't remember your BSNL number:

  1. Enter the BSNL mobile number check code, *222#, into the phone that is holding the BSNL SIM card.
  2. BSNL will provide you with their mobile number by instant SMS.

In addition to *222#, other codes to find the BSNL prepaid or postpaid number in various circles (such NCR, Mumbai, Gujarat, Karnataka, etc.) are *1#, *2#, *888#, *785#, *555#, *555*2#, or *888*1#.

Method 2 - How to find BSNL number using BSNL app?

The BSNL app, which can be used to track numerous other services, including recharging, may be used to perform BSNL number verification online. But take note that you may only check your number using the My BSNL app once you have registered it for the first time after downloading it. Simply follow the instructions listed below to check your BSNL number online and use the app without any hassles:

  1. Look for the My BSNL app in the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Download the app and install it.
  3. After installation, log in for the first time by entering your mobile number (you can use the previously mentioned USSD code option for BSNL number check if you don't know your mobile number).
  4. You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile device after entering your BSNL number.
  5. To finish logging into the app, enter the OTP.
  6. After logging in, your mobile number will be visible on the app's main screen, so you may view it wherever and anywhere you choose.

Method 3 - Contact BSNL Customer Care Team to Check your Number

By contacting BSNL customer service, you can also verify your BSNL number. Some of you can find your own phone number and more with the assistance of BSNL customer service, which is available for any assistance you may need with your BSNL connection.

  1. Dial 1800-180-1503 or 1503 to contact the BSNL customer service Centre.
  2. Pick the option to check your balance.
  3. They will read out your mobile number and the balance on your account.
  4. To get your phone number, you can also get in touch with a customer service representative.

Method 4 - Use Your Device Settings to Check Your BSNL Number

If you are looking for the BSNL sim card number on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Get the "settings" app open.
  2. Click on "About Phone" at the bottom of the page.
  3. The next screen that appears will have a phone number area.
  4. Here is your 10-digit BSNL mobile number.

When it comes to an Apple device, the processes are slightly different. You can do the following to get your iOS smartphone's mobile number details:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section on your mobile device.
  2. Choose "Phone."
  3. Select "My Number."
  4. The screen will now display your 10-digit phone number.


Sometimes it's hard to remember your mobile number, but happily, telecom companies like BSNL have developed a number of methods that make it simple to verify our BSNL mobile number. To find out your mobile number using various ways, all you would need to do is follow these instructions which are mentioned in this blog. Users can also get in touch with the BSNL customer support staff to acquire information on CDMA, GSM mobile, broadband, landline services, etc.

Published on Nov 24, 2023