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How To Check a Jio Number Using USSD Code, App, & More!

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Last Update : Nov 23, 2023

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Jio is a telecom provider that has completely changed India's mobile connection market. When Jio was first introduced in 2016, it gained a reputation for providing high-speed internet, cheap data plans, and a variety of digital services. As a Reliance Industries subsidiary, Jio was instrumental in democratising internet access nationwide and enabling millions of people to take control of their digital lives. Jio, which is well-known for its extensive statewide 5G network, has revolutionised communication while also expanding its offerings to encompass trade, entertainment, and other services, making it a major force in the Indian telecom market.

There are several ways to reveal your Jio number, which makes navigating the world of mobile communication easier. Finding your Jio phone number is a simple process, regardless of whether you choose the quick USSD code method or the smooth MyJio App experience. This short blog shows you how to quickly check your Jio number so you can stay connected.

5 easy methods to check your Jio mobile number

The easiest ways to find out your JIO phone number when you need it most are listed below.

Method 1 - Check Jio number with USSD code

It's really simple to use a USSD code to check your Jio SIM mobile number. Here are the steps to check your Jio number:

  1. Click on the caller dial panel icon.
  2. Dial *1#, the Jio check code.
  3. There will be flash messages visible.
  4. It will display your number there.
  5. Save the phone number in your contact list.

Method 2: Check Jio Number via MyJio App

The MyJio app serves as the central location for all Jio-related services, including recharging mobile devices and broadband, watching movies via JioCinema, and finding out your Jio mobile number, which is displayed in the app's menu. However, if you recently received a new number, you can use the MyJio app to check it online as follows:

  1. Just go to the Play Store or App Store on your Android or iOS device to download the MyJio app.
  2. Login into your MyJio account.
  3. You will have to use your Jio SIM card to sign in.
  4. You may view the registered mobile number in the "My Account" section of the app's Home screen.

Method 3 - Check Your Jio number Through SMS

In addition to calling a code, sending an SMS is another way to verify and remember your cell number. Details about your Jio plan, including unused SMS credit, remaining internet data, and plan validity, may also be obtained using this approach.

  1. Open the message box on your device.
  2. You must send an SMS to 199 and type "MYPLAN."
  3. Your Jio phone number and plan details will be sent to you via SMS.

Method 4 - Call Customer Care to Know Your Jio Number

Making a call to JIO customer service is another way to find out your mobile number. You may simply acquire the details by calling the number. To learn everything in detail, follow the steps given.

  1. Start the dialer on your phone.
  2. Call Jio customer care by dialling 198
  3. The Jio customer support IVR will now be accessible to you.
  4. Select the language and follow the instructions.
  5. Select the relevant number now to initiate a call with a customer service representative.
  6. You can inquire about your Jio mobile number once you're connected to Jio team member.


Sometimes we need to know our mobile number but are unable to remember it. The methods listed here are fairly effective for locating your Jio number. Additionally, you can obtain your number by just calling someone nearby on their smartphone while trying to locate yours. Even so, Jio provides excellent customer service and a variety of ways for you to be updated on your balance or data usage.

Published on Nov 23, 2023