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About British Council

The British Council is a renowned international organization fostering cultural relations and educational opportunities worldwide. Established in 1934, it functions in more than 100 nations, encouraging idea sharing and information between individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. With language classes, tests, and materials available to millions of people worldwide, the British Council plays a crucial role in English language education. Additionally, it is essential for cultural diplomacy and planning events in the arts and education to promote international understanding and cooperation. Because of its dedication to fostering chances for learning and cooperation, the organization has become recognized as a major force in advancing global cooperation, high-quality education, and cross-cultural understanding.

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Get 7-day Free Trial For Gold And Platinum Plan

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Silver Subscription Plan

Master British English At The Unbeatable Rate Of Rs.5128/Month

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Flat 20% OFF On Platinum Plan + Premium Business Classes Included

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Build Bridges & Break Barriers Using British Council Offers

Transform lives through education, arts, and the English language with the British Council. The platform allows people to develop an emotion of unity, education, and community through its vibrant services and materials. Users can enhance their knowledge and personality while saving money of up to 10% Off on several courses and membership plans. Not only this, those who are new can avail EXTRA discounts and savings by using British Council new user coupons and offers. But do you know the best part? Users can now locate all these coupons and offers on one stop- Cashaly. It is a coupon and cashback website offering the latest and validated coupons for over 1200+ brands. Hence, indulge today in Innovation, education, and inclusivity – the pillars of the British Council mission.

How to use British Council Coupon Codes?

To benefit from British Council discounts and offers, follow these easy instructions:

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British Council - Innovation, Education, and Inclusivity!

The British Council provides a wide range of services with the goal of promoting international collaboration, English language instruction, and cultural interaction. Here is a short description of the services:

English Language Courses: The British Council is well known for offering English Courses to students at all skill levels. British Council English Courses use innovative teaching strategies and resources to improve students' language abilities from beginning competency to advanced fluency.

Examinations and Certifications: The British Council, a world leader in English language testing, offers a range of globally recognized tests, including Cambridge English Qualifications and IELTS. These British Council tests are generally acknowledged by academic institutions and employers worldwide and serve as standards for language ability.

Education and Training Services: The organization offers a range of education and training services, including workshops, seminars, and professional development courses for educators, enhancing teaching methodologies and promoting educational excellence.

Cultural Exchange Programs: The British Council celebrates variety and advances understanding between cultures by planning festivals, cultural events, and exchange programs. Through these projects, professionals, students, and artists may interact and work together globally.

Scholarships and Grants: The British Council supports international education by offering grants and scholarships to qualified applicants, promoting opportunities for academic and cultural interaction.

Digital Learning Resources: The British Council offers a wealth of online resources, including language learning apps, educational materials, and interactive platforms that enable learners to enhance their skills at their own pace. Like the British Council, several learning platforms, like Duolingo and Preply, offer a wide range of educational resources or study material to enhance their accent and personality.

Libraries and Information Services: The British Council offers access to a large library collection, multimedia materials, and information through its network of libraries. These areas function as centres of study and investigation.

International Development Projects: The British Council participates in international development projects, working to enhance educational systems, promote social inclusion, and address global challenges through collaborative initiatives.

Through offering a wide range of services, the British Council continues to be essential in promoting cross-cultural understanding, establishing worldwide connections, and elevating the English language as a medium of communication.

Ignite Minds & Inspire Futures with British Council Courses

To meet a broad range of educational needs, the British Council provides a diverse array of courses and activities. The British Council guarantees a customized learning experience with everything from intensive language courses to specialized test preparation courses. The platform prepares students for success in English language proficiency exams. Here are some of the courses and programmes to look for:

IELTS Test & Prep Course: To assist people in succeeding on the IELTS exam, the British Council provides a specific IELTS Test Preparation Course. This extensive course covers every aspect of the exam, including speaking, writing, listening, and reading, and it offers insightful advice and performance-enhancing techniques. In order to learn this course at affordable prices and discounts, use British Council IELTS Coupons and offers.

Intensive Courses: The British Council's Intensive Course provides a highly concentrated, fully immersed learning environment. This course is designed for students who want to improve their language abilities quickly. It usually consists of large practice sessions, interactive courses, and one-on-one tutoring to help students become more proficient.

Online Self-Study Course: The British Council provides a flexible Online Self-Study Course for individuals who prefer to learn at their own pace. This option allows learners to access course materials, practice exercises, and assessments online, offering convenience and adaptability to fit diverse schedules.

Affiliate Marketing Programme: Through the Affiliate Marketing Programme, companies or individuals can collaborate with the British Council to promote their programs and courses. By providing incentives for each successful referral, affiliates establish a win-win partnership that promotes awareness of British Council programs.

Reseller Partnership Programme: The British Council is working with training facilities, educational institutions, and organizations that are interested in providing British Council courses through the Reseller Partnership Programme. Through the resale of British Council courses and the provision of valuable educational resources to their audience, this initiative enables partners to diversify their offerings.

Gift Voucher: The Gift Voucher option allows individuals to present the gift of education. Whether it's a language course, an exam preparation program, or any other offering from the British Council, these vouchers provide a thoughtful and educational gift for friends, family, or colleagues.

The British Council's dedication to offering a variety of inclusive educational options, supporting varying learning styles, and promoting collaborations to have a bigger impact and reach is evident in all of these courses and programs. Whether preparing for exams, seeking intensive learning experiences, or exploring flexible online options, the British Council aims to meet the diverse educational needs of individuals and organizations worldwide.

British Council Plans & Prices

The British Council offers a variety of plans and pricing options to accommodate diverse learning preferences and goals. The platform adopts a transparent approach to pricing, ensuring that learners, partners, and affiliates can choose plans that align with their educational aspirations or business objectives. The range of plans reflects the organization's commitment to making quality education accessible to a global audience with varied preferences and needs. Here are the plans:

Plan Gold Silver Platinum
Price ₹5430/Month ₹11482/Month ₹15577/Month
Free-Trial - 7-Days Free Trial 7-Days Free Trial
No. of Class Credits 5 10 15
Features Private and Group Classes, 4 Live25 sessions per month, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Private and Group Classes, 4 Live25 sessions per month, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Premium Business Classes, Private and Group Classes, 4 Live25 sessions per month, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Users can also use the British Council Membership Coupon Code to further enhance their money on plan pricing. Kindly note that these prices may vary based on the ongoing discounts and offers.

Visit the Centres of the British Council In These Cities!

The British Council has established a robust and influential presence in India, contributing significantly to cultural exchange, education, and English language proficiency. With multiple offices across the country, including major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, the British Council has become a vital bridge connecting Indian and British communities. It plays a pivotal role in fostering cultural understanding through diverse programs, including arts and education initiatives, workshops, and festivals. Hence, Visit Now!

Join the British Council & Savings Journey Using These Tricks

British Council aims to develop a cultural and educational feeling among several countries through its study materials and related stuff at affordable rates and discounts. Users at the British Council can save money by implementing these effective strategies:

Membership Discounts: Explore membership options offered by the British Council, as they often come with exclusive discounts on language courses, exams, and cultural events.

Coupon Codes & Offers: Search for the updated and authentic discount codes for the British Council. You can discover all these coupons and offers on the official website of the British Council and coupon websites like Cashaly.

Early Registration: Take advantage of early registration for language courses or exams to benefit from discounted fees.

Scholarships and Grants: Check for scholarship opportunities or grants provided by the British Council for eligible participants, especially for educational programs and language courses.

Student Offers: If you're a student, inquire about special offers or discounts available for students enrolled in language courses or participating in cultural events.

Attend Free Events: Keep an eye on free events organized by the British Council, such as cultural festivals, workshops, or seminars, offering valuable experiences without any cost.

Online Resources: Explore the free online resources provided by the British Council, including language learning apps and educational materials, reducing the need for additional spending on study materials.

By being proactive, staying informed about promotions, and exploring available discounts and offers, British Council customers can make the most of their educational and cultural experiences while saving on associated costs.

If you have any questions or concerns about courses or services, contact the British Council support team at support.englishonline@britishcouncil.org. You can also submit your queries by filling out a form on the "Contact Us" page.


1. Is the British Council good for English?

British Council offers secure, inviting learning communities through its online English lessons and courses. Its highly skilled instructors assist students—adults and children alike—in achieving their objectives and enhancing their online English speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities.

2. How to join the British Council?

You can easily join the British Council by visiting their website and enrolling by filling out the necessary details. You can also purchase membership plans for further education.

3. Can I reschedule or cancel my exam booking with the British Council?

Yes, you can often reschedule or cancel your exam booking, but there may be associated fees. Visit the British Council exams website or contact their customer support for specific details and policies.

4. How can I save money at the British Council?

Customers can save a tonne of money using the latest and validated British Council discount coupons and offers from websites like Cashaly.

5. Are there group discounts available for British Council courses?

Yes, the British Council may offer group discounts for specific courses or programs. Check the official website or contact customer support for details on group pricing. You can also check Cashaly for the same.