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About Classmate

Known for its stationery items, Classmate is an established name in the stationery industry. Classmate offers a variety of items that are of high quality and meet the demands of both professionals and students. Classmate makes sure that all of its products from diaries and pens to art tools and notebooks which are long-lasting, useful, and aesthetically appealing. Consumers consider them as a preferred option because of their focus on the small details and dedication to providing perfection. Classmate offers the ideal tools to support your expression, whether you're sketching your thoughts or making notes in class. Classmate has a substantial market share and keeps up with changing consumer needs by introducing new products and innovating. To receive additional discounts on each transaction, customers can also use Classmate coupons through Cashaly.

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Notebook Offer

Upto 30% Off On Origami Notebooks

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Blue Ball Pens

Get Uptp 10% On Classmate Octane- Blue Ball

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iconSmooth & Fast Writing Ball Pens |

Premium Notebooks

Buy Classmate Premium Notebooks Satring At ₹76

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Multicolour Gel Pens

Get 5% OFF On Octane Colour Burst-Multicolour Gel Pens Pack of 10

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iconGold & Silver Glitter Sparkle Pens|10 Colour Ink Shades For Art Lovers And Kids
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Best Offer

Classmate Connect Puzzle is at Rs.68

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Make Your Stationery Products Affordable With These Classmate Offers

Classmate provides a comprehensive selection of stationery items to meet the needs of students as well as professionals. Classmates carry everything from pencils and notes to calculators and art supplies. Many Classmate coupons are available through Cashaly, which will lower the price of every transaction you make. Classmate offers a discount of up to 30% on the chosen collection. Classmate offers dependable and reasonably priced stationery alternatives that will help you keep organised and productive whether you're in school, college, or the workplace. In order to receive savings, shop for stationery necessities from Classmate through Cashaly whenever you're in need.

How to use the Classmate coupon code?

To receive classmate discounts and to save money, follow these steps:

  1. Open Cashaly and create an account.
  2. Find the Classmate store from the list of stores.
  3. Locate the Classmate coupon that best meets your needs.
  4. Copy the code after clicking "Get Deal" to reveal it.
  5. Your browser will now open the Classmate website.
  6. Select the item you require and add it to your shopping.
  7. In the checkout area, paste the copied Classmate promo code.
  8. To receive the discount, simply click the apply button.

Embrace The Magic Of Stationery With Classmate Products

Classmate caters to the needs of both students and professionals by providing a wide variety of stationery products in a number of fields. Here is a list of the key Classmate product:

Notebooks - The best-known product that Classmate is recognized for is probably its premium journals and notebooks. These are available in varied shapes, patterns, and rulings to accommodate a range of uses, including as school notebooks, college notebooks, and professional journals. They are well recognized for having sturdy covers and paper that is smooth and suitable for fountain pens.

Art & Craft - A variety of art supplies, such as sketchbooks, sketching books, and art kits, are available from classmates. Due to their dependability and quality, these are well-liked by young painters and other creative people. Oil pastels, crayons, sketch pens, and watercolour sets are just a few of the other supplies in Classmate's art and craft selection that make it a popular option for budding artists and imaginative projects.

Pens & Pencils - Classmate provides a variety of writing implements, such as ballpoint, gel, and rollerball pens. These pens are well-liked options for daily usage due to their smooth writing experience, reliability, and affordability. In addition to normal wooden pencils, mechanical pencils, and coloured pencils are all different types of classmate pencils that customers can purchase at the best affordable prices. Both students and artists can use them for writing, drawing, and colouring.

Geometry Boxes - Classmate provides complete Geometry Boxes that come with necessary equipment including compasses, protractors, rulers, set squares, and other geometrical instruments, ensuring accuracy in mathematical and technical drawings. Students really need these well-made, long-lasting sets in order to produce precise, orderly geometrical and mathematical drawings.

Save More With These Classmate Bank & Wallet Offers

The most recent Classmate notebook offers can be used to purchase stationery items at affordable costs. Through coupon services like Cashaly, you may find numerous Classmate coupons that are pooled in one location, enabling buyers to save on every purchase. By using wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, FreeCharge, MobiKwik, Airtel Money, Jio Money, Simpl, Slice, and Twid Pay, as well as bank cards from HDFC, ICICI, Axis, Federal, Indusland, Indian, Kotak, HSBC, Yes, BOB, or SBI, users can boost their financial savings. To obtain the maximum Classmate cashbacks, you can also utilise a variety of cards, including Slice, Cred, VISA, Mastercard, Rupay, One Card, Ring Card, and many others.

Photograph Your Own Opinion With Personalised Classmate Notebooks

Personalised Classmate notebooks add a special and distinctive touch to the typical workplace or school necessity. These notebooks are a favourite among students, professionals, and creative people since they can be personalised with names, motivational sayings, or drawings. They are wonderful gifts that are both useful and considerate, and they not only give your stationery collection a personal touch. These unique notebooks stand out and make learning genuinely unique, whether used as a thoughtful present or as a personal created supplies. Keep track of all your flawless moments with Classmate customised notebooks in just 4 easy steps.

  1. Choose your notebook specifications.
  2. Images for notebook covers should be uploaded.
  3. If you'd like (For Digital Notebooks), you can add a video to your notebook.
  4. In your profile section, submit the video after paying for your order.

Check Out These Retailers For More Discounts On Classmate Collection

Customers can get the broad selection of Classmate stationery items from a number of other websites. Customers can easily identify and buy Classmate notebooks, pens, and other stationary necessities from these websites at the most discounted price. A number of well-known e-commerce websites, including Amazon, BlinkIt, Zepto, Flipkart, Meesho, ITC Store, Nestasia, Odd Giraffe, PropShop24, and many others, also sell Classmate products, giving customers a wide range of options to browse and choose the stationary that best suits their needs and preferences. These websites increase accessibility and choice, enabling people to easily buy premium stationery whether it's for work, school, or personal use. In order to lower the cost of their purchases, customers can also use a variety of Classmate coupons that are offered on Cashaly.

Save More On Online Stationery Shopping With These Classmate Tips

When purchasing stationary from Classmate, follow these money-saving tips to get the best deals and discounts. Take into account the following in order to save money:

  • To find out about exclusive offers, discounts, and promotions, subscribe to the Classmate newsletter. Regular discounts are offered to customers who subscribe to newsletters.
  • Watch out for the festive season sales, the Classmate Sale, and special offers. You can save a ton of money by purchasing their products at specific times.
  • Check out Cashaly and other discount websites for unique Classmate coupons before making a purchase. You might be able to save money by using these coupons on every transaction you make.
  • On social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can follow a classmate. Stores frequently alert their social media followers of flash sales or offer special discounts.
  • Before making a purchase from Classmate, consider comparing costs at a number of online retailers, such as Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho, BlinkIt, Zepto and others.
  • Classmate occasionally offers BOGO specials, FLAT discounts, and combo offers to further reduce the price of your purchases.

Contact the Classmate Support Team if you have any questions or order issues.

Contact Number - 18004253242

Email - care@classmateshop.com


1. Where can we find the Classmate coupon code?

On websites that specialise in coupons, like Cashaly, you may find the most recent Classmate coupon codes.

2. How big of a discount does Classmate provide on its goods?

Classmate stationery items are discounted up to 30% for customers.

3. What is the Classmate return policy?

Within 24 hours of the delivery date, Classmate items can all be returned. Items that have been used cannot be returned.

4. How can I cancel my Classmate order?

Within one day of placing your Classmate order, you can cancel it. The item cannot be cancelled once it has been packaged or sent out, though.