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About Etihad

Etihad Airways, one of the renowned national airlines of the United Arab Emirates, is a symbol of luxury and quality in air travel. With its dedication to innovation, luxury, and individualized service, Etihad, founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, has continuously revolutionized the passenger experience. The airline links passengers to a wide range of international places with a vast network covering many continents. Passengers can choose from a variety of options catered to their interests and needs in each of Etihad's cabin classes, including Economy, Business, and First Class. The airline allows passengers to raise the bar for opulent air travel at affordable rates and discounts using Cashaly.

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Abu Dhabi Stopover

Get Free Abu Dhabi Stopover On Return Flight Connecting In Abu Dhabi

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconEnter Your Booking Reference And Surname To Check Hotel Availability.
icon Offer Valid On Return Flights Only Connecting To Abu Dhabi.
icon Offer Valid On Selected Category.
icon No Coupon Code Is Required To Avail The Offer.
icon Offer Valid For All Users.
icon Limited Period Offer.

New Delhi To London

New Delhi To London Price Starting From Rs.40,276*

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconOffer Valid For All Users
iconNo Coupon Code Is Required.
iconThese Fares Are Valid For Booking Until 31 may 2023.
icon Flight Duration : 12 hrs 35 mins(Approx.).
icon Connecting Flights Are Available.

New Delhi To Abu Dhabi

New Delhi to Abu Dhabi Price From ₹13,540*

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconOffer Valid For All Users
iconNo Coupon Code Is Required.
iconEconomy - Book Until 31 May 2023.
iconThese Fares Are Valid For Booking Until 31 May 2023.
icon Flight Duration : 3 Hrs 35 Mins(Approx.).

Lisbon Economy Deal

Bengaluru To Lisbon Flight Ticket Starting From ₹59,158*

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconOffers Are Subject To Availability At The Time Of Booking Online With Etihad Airways.
icon These Are Special Fares With Limited Availability.
iconValid Visas And Travel Documents Are The Responsibility Of Guests.
iconNo Coupon Code Is Required To Avail The Offer.
iconOffer Valid For All User.
iconLimited Time Period Offer.
icon Flight Duration : 1 Day 11 Hrs 0 Mins (Approx.)

Abu Dhabi Economy Deal

Mumbai To Abu Dhabi, Starting From INR ₹9,707*

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconNo Coupon Code Is Required.
iconThese Fares Are Valid For Booking Until 31 May 2023.&Offers Are Subject To Availability At The Time Of Booking Online With Etihad Airways.
icon These Are Special Fares With Limited Availability.
icon Flight Duration : 2 Hrs 55 Mins(Approx.).
icon Offer Valid For All Users.

Los Angles Economy Deal

Mumbai To Los Angles, Flight Starting From ₹90,397*

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconOffers are subject to availability at the time of booking online with Etihad Airways.
icon These are special fares with limited availability.
icon.Valid visas and travel documents are the responsibility of Guests.
iconLimited Time Period Offer.
icon Flight duration : 1 day 8 hrs 41 mins (Approx.)

Delhi To San Francisco

Book Your Flight Ticket From Delhi To San Francisco

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconMinimum Amount Rs. 92965.
icon Round Trip Also Available.
icon Flight Charges Depends On The Trip And Person.
icon Flight Duration : 1 Day 9 Hrs 48 Mins (Approx.).
icon Connecting Flights Are Available.

Special Offer On Excess Baggage

Get Upto 30% Off On Extra Luggage Fees

See Details See Details Verified Verified
iconThis Offer Is Open To All Costumers.
icon Offers Are Subject To Availability At The Time Of Booking Online With Etihad Airways.
icon No Coupon Code Required To Avail The Offer.
icon Limited Time Period Offer.

Latest Etihad Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes - Jul 2024

Etihad Coupons Etihad Offers Details
Etihad Coupon Codes Save 20% + FLAT 0.50% Cashback
Etihad Discount Code Upto 30% Off On Extra Luggage Fees
Etihad Student Offer Up to 10% Discount
Etihad Promo Code Upto 20% OFF On Flight Bookings
Etihad Cashback Offer Flat 0.50% Cashaly Cashback

Elevate Your Journeys To New Heights Using Etihad Offers

Etihad Airways frequently provides a range of discounts and offers to passengers, making air travel more accessible and appealing. People can receive savings of up to 30% on New Delhi to Abu Dhabi, Mumbai To Abu Dhabi, and many other bookings. Also, people can get EXTRA discounts of up to 10% using the Etihad Student offer and more. Furthermore, if you want to save money on Etihad Flight Booking, make payments through significant bank cards and wallets.

Using these kinds of offers and coupons, customers may embrace the winds of change with open wings. All these kinds of coupons and discounts are exclusively available at Cashaly. Hence, reach for the stars, touching the clouds with the best airway experience from Etihad.

How to use the Etihad Airways coupon code?

You may benefit from any Etihad offers or discounts by performing the following:

  1. Go to Cashaly and establish an account there.
  2. Search for the Etihad store.
  3. Select the most suitable Etihad Airways coupon for your needs.
  4. When you click "Get Code," the code is copied.
  5. Your browser will launch the Etihad website.
  6. Consider your needs while making your flight arrangements.
  7. Use the Etihad discount code to save money after you've finished checkout.
  8. Embrace your flight with joy while saving money.

Navigate the Skies with Comfort & Style Using Etihad Features

Etihad Airways is famous for its outstanding features that add to a first-class and luxury travel experience. The following aspects of Etihad Airways stand out:

Business studios & First-class apartments: On a few of its aeroplanes, Etihad provides private First Class Apartments and Business Studios. These cabins are spacious, enclosed, and furnished with flat beds, minibars, vanity spaces, and other facilities to give guests the ultimate privacy and luxury.

Etihad Wi-Fly: The airline offers Wi-Fi on board so that customers may remain in touch, do business, or take in some entertainment.

Etihad Guest Loyalty Program: Through the airline's loyalty program, customers can earn and exchange miles for travel, accommodations upgrades, and other benefits, increasing the value of their frequent flights.

Etihad Chauffeur: In order to make their travel experience more convenient and extravagant, First and Business Class customers frequently have access to a chauffeur service to and from the airport.

Travel Insurance: In order to give travellers a sense of assurance and safety on their flights, Etihad Airways delivers a comprehensive travel insurance option. This insurance offers a range of advantages, including protection against trip cancellation, medical costs, lost or damaged baggage, and travel delays. Travellers may manage unanticipated events with assurance and peace of mind because of Etihad's travel insurance, which offers 24/7 help, urgent healthcare evacuation, and choices for single or multiple trips of coverage.

Fine Dining: The airline provides fine dining experiences, with menus created by prominent chefs. They may enjoy a variety of cuisines, and those travelling in First and Business Class can even dine à la carte.

Inflight Entertainment: Through personal displays in each seat, Etihad's entertainment system offers a wide range of films, TV shows, music, games, and other options.

With these features, Etihad Airways established itself as a pioneer in luxury travel, offering travellers a comfortable and unforgettable experience from beginning to end. However, like Etihad, other airlines, like Air Asia, deliver the best services and features and easily find beauty in the journey.

Share Stories Among The Stars With Etihad Guest Program

The Etihad Guest Program is Etihad Airways' loyalty program, created to honour and reward loyal customers. When using Etihad or one of its partner airlines, as well as when engaging in a variety of other activities, including hotel stays, car rentals, and shopping, participants in this program may earn miles. On your first flight, Etihad will reward you with 500 additional miles as a welcome. When you apply for an Etihad Guest payment card, you can also receive a bonus of up to 55,000 miles, and you can earn up to 3 miles for every US dollar spent.

There are four main Etihad Guest tiers: Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with its own set of perks, including priority check-in, access to lounges, extra miles, and more. By providing members with individualized benefits and privileges based on their travel choices and frequency, this program not only increases the value of travelling with Etihad Airways but also fosters a sense of loyalty and engagement.

Etihad Baggage Policy

In order to provide a seamless flying experience, Etihad Airways has a well-organized luggage policy that gives customers clear instructions on what they may carry and the prices involved. Depending on the cabin class, price type, and frequent flyer status, different amounts of luggage are permitted. People can easily calculate the baggage allowance through the calculator available on the website. You may check in as many bags as you'd like while staying within the limits of your allowed amount of checked luggage.

As long as the combined weight does not exceed your baggage allowance, you may check as many bags as you wish. However, it is advised that travellers consult the airline's official website or get in touch with customer service to learn about the precise luggage limits and charges that apply to their routes.

Etihad Cancellation & Refund Policy

Etihad Airways provides a transparent and customer-friendly cancellation and refund policy for customers who want to change their travel arrangements. The policy specifies how to cancel flights and get refunds for both refundable and non-refundable tickets. The amount and validity of the refund are determined by a variety of rules, including the price type, time of cancellation, and the precise terms and restrictions linked with the ticket. While specific refundable tickets let travellers get a refund less any necessary costs, non-refundable tickets might not be eligible for a full refund. For instance, if a customer cancels a ticket within 96 hours, there will be an extra 10% cost for changes or cancellations submitted less than 96 hours before your travel.

Make Every Trip a First-Class Experience Using These Techniques

If you are looking to enhance your savings on every travel with Etihad, follow these money-saving tricks and tips for travellers:

Off-Peak Touring: Due to lesser demand, travelling on weekdays or during off-peak seasons might result in lower travel costs.

Use Cashback and Travel Rewards Credit Cards: While booking flights, consider using credit cards that provide cashback or travel benefits. Your overall travel expenditures may be decreased due to these benefits.

Early Bookings: Book your flight in advance. Airlines offer discounted rates while making advance bookings. Keep a look out for early bird discounts and offers.

Use Fare Comparison Tools: Make use of online fare comparison websites to compare prices across different dates, times, and booking platforms like MakeMyTrip to find the best deal.

Take Advantage of discount codes: Watch for Etihad Airways discount coupons or other special offers. These are frequently available through travel coupon websites like Cashaly or on their website.

Avoid Extra Charges: In order to prevent unexpected charges, review Etihad's baggage policy. Always pack lightly and within the weight restrictions to avoid paying for luggage checked.

Check for Student Discounts: Etihad may offer special discounts for students or military personnel. Check if you qualify for any such savings and offers.

By implementing these techniques, you may enhance your savings on every travel. Hence, unveil destinations aerially with Etihad Airlines and elevate your travel experience.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the flight or booking, contact the Etihad support staff at 18001233901. Also, you may submit your queries by visiting the Contact Us page.


1. Is Etihad Airways good?

Yes, Etihad Airways is considered an excellent airline, notably for its facilities and luxurious travel accommodations in its exceptional cabin classes.

2. How do I check the status of my Etihad flight?

On the Etihad website, mobile application, or flight tracking websites, you may check the status of your flight. The status of flights is also shown on airport information displays.

3. What payment methods does Etihad Airlines support?

Passengers can transact at Etihad Airways through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Digital Wallets (PayPal, Alipay, eNets, Visa Checkout, and Apple Pay), and more.

4. How can I get free seats on Etihad Airlines?

By enrolling as an Etihad Guest Platinum member, you may reserve a seat for free, and by enrolling in the Gold membership, you can cut costs up to 50% on your tickets.

5. Where can I find coupons for Etihad bookings?

On websites like Cashaly, passengers may locate the latest and validated Etihad discount coupons and offers to enhance their savings.

6. How do I add extra baggage to my Etihad booking?

Travellers may reserve additional luggage online up to four hours before your trip. Visit Edit My Booking to receive discounts off the usual prices.