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About Snow City Bangalore

Escape the heat and step into a winter wonderland at Snow City Bangalore! It is a fascinating attraction in Bangalore that allows visitors to experience snowfall and winter-like surroundings in a city known for its mild temperature. For visitors of all ages, this indoor snow park offers a range of entertaining activities, such as snow hiking, snowball battles, snow slides, and many more. Along with Snow activities, visitors can enjoy other exciting activities like Madlabs, Eyelusion, AR Zoo, Arcade Games, and 9D Cinema. All these activities are available at affordable rates and discounts. Hence, why wait? Book your tickets now, and don't forget to use Snow City Bangalore coupons from Cashaly!

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Wednesday Bonanza

Book Any Slot Of Snow City Park On Wednesdays At Rs.500 Only

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iconValid Only On 1 Day Prior Online Booking.
icon Offer Valid Only On Wednesday.
icon No Coupon Code Is Necessary To Take Advantage Of This Offer.
icon This Offer Is Only Valid For A Limited Time.
icon All Users Can Benefit From This Offer.

Happy Hours Offer

Get Snow City Ticket At Just Rs.650 In Happy Hour Booking

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iconWeekdays Ticket Price @ Rs.650.
icon Weekends, Holidays/Festivals Ticket Price @ Rs.750 Valid only on 1 day before online booking.
icon No Coupon Code Required.
icon Valid For All Users.

Learn Science With Fun

Get Mad Labs Ticket Starting At Just Rs.400/person

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iconVisitors Can Explore And Experience The Science Behind The Experiments.
icon No Coupon Code Is Necessary To Take Advantage Of This Offer.
icon This Offer Is Only Valid For A Limited Time.
icon All Users Can Benefit From This Offer.
icon Ticket Is Not Refundable For Any Reasons.

Experience Eyelusion

Book Eyelusion Ticket At Just Rs.200/ Person

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iconEntry Fee Is Rs.200/person On Weekdays And Rs.250/person On Weekends And Holidays.
icon Explore Some Amazing, Unique Visual Illusions, Perfect For The Entire Family.
icon No Coupon Code Is Necessary To Take Advantage Of This Offer.
icon This Offer Is Only Valid For A Limited Time.
icon All Users Can Benefit From This Offer.

Experience AR ZOO

AR ZOO Entry Price: Rs.100/person | Book Now |

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iconEnjoy 3D Images Of The Zoo Today!
icon No Coupon Code Is Necessary To Take Advantage Of This Offer.
icon Offer Open For All Users.
icon This Offer Is Only Valid For A Limited Time.
icon Ticket Is Not Refundable For Any Reasons.

Game Zone Offer

Play Arcade Games | Ticket Price @ Rs.250/person Only

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iconThis Ticket Contains A Package Of Different Games.
icon Combo Package: Rs.250 For 10 Games On Weekdays, Rs.300 For 10 Games On Weekends.
icon No Coupon Code Is Necessary To Take Advantage Of This Offer.
icon This Offer Is Valid For A Limited Time Only.
icon This Offer Is Applicable To All Users.

Get This Combo Offer

Book Snow City + MadLabs Ticket At Just Rs.800

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iconWeekdays Price @ Rs. 800 & Weekends, National Holidays, Festivals Price @ Rs.900
icon Applicable To Both Snow City And MadLabs In Bengaluru.
icon No Coupon Code Is Necessary To Take Advantage Of This Offer.
icon This Offer Is Only Valid For A Limited Time.
icon All Users Can Benefit From This Offer.

Big Combo, Big Savings

Grab Your Combo Ticket To Snow City + Madlabs + Eyelusion @ Rs.1100

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iconWeekdays Price Rs.1100 & Weekends, Public Holidays And Festivals At Rs.1200
icon All Users Can Benefit From This Offer.
icon No Coupon Code Is Necessary To Take Advantage Of This Offer.
icon This Offer Is Only Valid For A Limited Time.
icon Ticket Is Not Refundable For Any Reasons.

Enjoy This Offer

Buy Ticket For Snow City + Eyelusion At Just Rs.800

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iconGrab Your Combo Ticket To Access Snow City And Eyelusion.
icon No Coupon Code Needed To Avail The Offer.
icon Hurry, Limited Seats Available!
icon This Offer Is Applicable To All Users.
icon This Offer Is Valid For A Limited Time Only.

Get Snow-kissed Savings Using Snow City Park Offers

Experience the coolest offers at Snow City Park in Bangalore! Customers can slide into savings with the combo tickets that include access to all our thrilling attractions like Madlabs, Eyelusion, the AR Zoo, arcade games, and the 9D Cinema. Additionally, in order to avail EXTRA discounts and benefits, visitors can use Snow City Park coupons and offers. Don't miss out on the limited-time offers and promotions that will make your visit to Snow City Park even more exciting and affordable. Visit CASHALY now and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones at Snow City Park!

How to use Snow City Bangalore Coupons?

Turn savings into snowy adventures with Snow City Bangalore. People can encounter the perfect blend of winter joy and savings using Snow City Bangalore promo codes and offers from Cashaly. In order to avail these discounts, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Cashaly and sign up for an account.
  2. Search for the Snow City Bangalore store among the available stores.
  3. Look at all the Snow City Bangalore discount codes and pick the ideal one.
  4. To copy the code, click "Get Code."
  5. Once you've copied the code, select "Visit Retailer."
  6. Your browser will launch the Snow City Bangalore website.
  7. Book your frosty fun tickets by choosing your preferred date and time.
  8. Paste the copied Snow City Bangalore coupon code to receive discounts.
  9. Enjoy winter joy in a budget-friendly style!

Find Joy in Every Frosty Step At Snow City Park Bangalore!

Snow City Park in Bangalore is a one-of-a-kind destination that brings the joy of winter to the heart of the city. The park offers a range of exciting snow activities that promise a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages. Some of the activities available at Snow City Park include:

  • Snow slides
  • Real Snowfall
  • Snow Dance Floor
  • Snow Mountain Climbing
  • Snow Hiking

With its snowy landscapes and thrilling activities, Snow City Park is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to escape the heat and experience the magic of snow in Bangalore. However, like Snow City Bangalore, other parks like Imagicaa and GRS Fantasy Park have a lot of snow activities and other exhilarating activities to enhance your enjoyment.

Chase Adventures by Enjoying These Other Activities!

Step into a world of wonder at Snow City Park in Bangalore, where the fun never melts away! Beyond the icy thrills, people can embark on an adventurous journey through various activities such as Madlabs, Eyelusion, AR Zoo, and much more. Here's a short description of the following:

Madlabs: Beyond the frosty thrills, embark on a journey through Madlabs, a futuristic playground blending science and art. It's a one-of-a-kind, interactive place that blends engineering, science, technology, and art. Here, visitors can engage in hands-on activities and experiments, stimulating their curiosity and creativity.

Eyelusion: Explore the captivating augmented reality of Eyelusion, where imagination and reality collide. It offers visitors a fascinating journey into the realm of augmented reality (AR). Visitors may interact with virtual components completely merged into the physical environment, making for an immersive and surreal experience, thanks to augmented reality technology.

AR Zoo: Roar with excitement at the AR Zoo, where virtual animals come to life. The AR Zoo allows visitors to encounter a variety of virtual animals in a realistic setting. This experience blends the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds, offering an exciting and educational adventure for animal lovers.

Arcade Games: For gamers, the arcade beckons with its array of thrilling games. The park's Arcade games provide a classic yet thrilling entertainment option for guests. With a variety of games to choose from, including racing, shooting, and sports games, visitors can enjoy hours of fun and excitement.

9D Cinema: For a cinema experience like no other, buckle up for the 9D Cinema's sensory rollercoaster. This activity offers a cutting-edge movie-watching experience that goes beyond 3D. With motion seats and special effects like wind, rain, and scents, the 9D Cinema provides an immersive and sensory-rich experience that brings movies to life in a whole new way.

Overall, these activities at Snow City Park in Bangalore offer a blend of entertainment, education, and excitement, making it a must-visit destination for families, friends, and thrill-seekers alike.

Snow City Bangalore Timings

Whether it's sliding down snow slopes, engaging in snowball fights, or simply enjoying the wintry ambience, Snow City Park provides a fun-filled experience for all ages. The park offers a unique experience of enjoying snowfall and engaging in various snow activities, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists. The park's timings are from 10:15 am to 8:00 pm on all days of the week, ensuring that visitors have ample time to explore and enjoy the snowy attractions. However, the session timings are 45 minutes, which you can select while booking tickets. The timings allow for flexibility in planning a visit, making it convenient for families, friends, and groups to enjoy a memorable day in the snow right in the heart of Bangalore.

Snow City Bangalore Ticket Prices

Snow City Park in Bangalore offers a range of ticket options to suit different preferences and budgets. The standard entry ticket includes access to the snow area and basic snow gear like jackets, boots, and gloves. Prices vary depending on age, with discounted rates for children and senior citizens. The Snow City Park Bangalore ticket prices are as follows:

  • Weekdays are ₹650/-
  • Weekends, Holidays, & Festivals are ₹750/-.
  • Happy Hours: 10 AM to 1 PM at ₹400/- on all weekdays (valid only with 1 day prior online booking).
  • Winterful Wednesdays Offer: Book all full-day slots on Wednesdays for ₹400/- (valid only 1 day prior to online booking).

Furthermore, apart from Snow City, visitors can explore other activities in an affordable and discounted manner. The ticket prices for other activities are:

  • Madlabs: Starting ₹400/person
  • Eyelusion: Starting ₹200/person
  • AR Zoo: Starting ₹100/person
  • Arcade Games: Starting ₹250/person

Overall, Snow City Park runs special promotions and discounts, so it's worth checking their website or social media channels for the latest offers.

Experience Snowy Slopes & Savings Goals Using These Tricks

Whether you're looking for a cool escape or a fun-filled day out, Snow City is the ultimate destination to beat the heat and enjoy a snow-packed experience like never before! Additionally, visitors can save money on booking tickets or other activities by using these below-mentioned money-saving strategies:

Look for Discounts: Check online for any discounts or special offers available for Snow City Bangalore. Many websites like Cashaly offer discounted tickets or combo deals that include entry to other attractions as well.

Visit on Weekdays: Weekdays generally have lower footfall compared to weekends, so you're likely to find better deals or discounts on tickets during these days.

Follow on Social Media: Follow Snow City Bangalore on social media platforms to stay updated about any promotions, contests, or exclusive deals they might offer.

Group Discounts: If you're visiting with a group of friends or family, inquire about group discounts, which can significantly reduce the cost per person.

Combo Tickets: Look for combo tickets that include entry to Snow City Bangalore along with other attractions or activities in the vicinity. This can often work out to be more cost-effective than purchasing individual tickets.

Off-Peak Hours: Consider visiting during off-peak hours when the park is less crowded. Not only will you have a more relaxed experience, but you might also find discounted rates during these times.

Bring Your Own Gear: Snow City offers FREE costumes to customers. However, as per the temperature conditions, if possible, bring your own socks to avoid rental fees for winter gear at the park.

Plan Ahead: Booking your tickets online in advance can sometimes save you money compared to buying them at the park.

Visitors may experience the joys of a snow park without going over budget by implementing these useful techniques. Before using any coupons or discounts, it is always essential to read the terms and restrictions.

Snow City Cancellation & Refund Policy

Snow City has a strict no-cancellation policy. Once tickets are purchased, they are non-refundable and non-transferable. This policy is in place to ensure that all visitors have a fair opportunity to enjoy the attractions and activities at Snow City. While this policy may seem stringent, it helps manage visitor flow and ensures that everyone has a chance to experience the magic of Snow City.

If you have any questions or concerns about the bookings and other services, contact the Snow City Bangalore support staff at +91 78295 50000 or info@snowcityblr.com. Additionally, visitors can submit their queries by writing them in the "Message Box" on the "Contact Us" page.


1. Is it real snow in Snow City Bangalore?

Snow City Bangalore is constructed entirely of sustainable and edible snow, covering 12,500 square feet.

2. Does Snow City Bangalore have a dress code?

At Snow City, customers can get jackets, gloves, and snow boots for free, with the option to return them. It is required to wear socks. You may buy it at a counter.

3. Where can I find coupons for Snow City Bangalore?

On websites like CASHALY, customers can locate all the latest and validated Snow City Bangalore coupon codes and offers to enjoy winter thrills without the chills in your budget!

4. Is there an age limit for visiting Snow City Bangalore?

Snow City Bangalore is suitable for all age groups, but there may be height restrictions for certain activities. It's recommended to check their website for specific details.

5. Can I book tickets for Snow City Bangalore online?

Yes, you can book tickets for Snow City Bangalore online through their official website or other online ticketing platforms.

6. How many hours may visitors stay in the park?

Each session lasts one hour in total, divided into two parts: 45 minutes for the snow room and 15 minutes for the reception.